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Friday, January 20, 2023

The Ancient Abyss War Continues!

Hey there, heroes!

Your journey into the ocean's abyss continues! With the 50% mark passed, what awaits you farther below the surface?

And when you reach the bottom... What will you find?

Meanwhile, as you and Uaanta fight off the waves of Adepts, Myalos is preparing something to help clear the way!

Battle on, and reach the bottom of the Ancient Abyss!

The Abyssal Heart's matching accessories, the Abyssal Warhelm and Abyssal Shroud are now available!

When equipped, you can click on the top of Abyssal Heart VI to transform their appearance! And speaking of appearance... the Abyssal customization for Kathool Adept is now accessible to wielders of the Abyssal Heart!

If you have a fully upgraded Abyssal Heart, you can visit the Armor Customization Room with Kathool Adept equipped to access the new customization.

And that's all for this week!

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