Saturday, February 20, 2021

The AdventureFriends Conclusion is Here!

Hey there, students!

Welcome back to Aspenvale Academy, where everything is perfectly fine!

AdventureFriends Part 2 is here! Things are looking dire for the QuestVenture, but with friendship and teamwork, nothing can stop the students of Aspenvale Academy!

You can access AdventureFriends Part 2 from the Book of Lore, or the Hero's Heart Day storybook, Chapter ???. Note: You'll have to replay the ending of Part 1 before proceeding to Part 2.

The Aspenvale Academy Uniform is also now available!

The Student class has a set of basic skills for adventuring, as well as a wide variety of customization options. All options are also color-custom!


Everything does 1 hit.

  • Attack - 100% damage.
  • Defensive Stance - +180 to Avd for 2 turns, 4 turn cd.
  • Stun - 3 turn stun, 14 turn cd.
  • Aimed - +30 Bonus for 5 turns (including this attack), 4 turn cooldown
  • Power - +75 Boost attack, 0 cooldown
  • Cleave - hit all enemies for 120% damage, 2 turn cd.
  • Disarming Strike - -20 Boost to foe for 5 turns, 4 turn cd.
  • Wound - 20% DoT for 5 turns, 4 turn cd.
  • Final, 150% damage, +200 to crit., 9 turn cd.

You can pick it up for 1000 Dragon Coins from the Hero's Heart Day storybook, Chapter ???, as well as Cysero's Superstore of Savings.

Big thanks to Dracelix for creating the art for the customization options!

Now for some updates and fixes!

  • Added a skip dialogue button to AdventureFriends (both parts). Clicking it will jump you ahead to the next major event.
  • Added affinity pop-ups in the top right of AdventureFriends for easier tracking of your friendship with your fellow students!
  • Fixed a bug where guests in titan battles would not scale properly.
  • Ice Scythe activation chance increased to 7%.
  • Health Boost and Ultra Health Boost values are halved for DragonByte Epoch. (1.5%, down from 3%, and 2.5%, down from 5%).

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