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Friday, November 22, 2019

Thankstaking 2019: Ruby's Request

Hey there, heroes!

Thankstaking has arrived to Lore once again, and as everyone gets ready for the annual feast, something's bound to go wrong... right?

This year, everything seems to be proceeding smoothly. There's no sign of any trouble at all, and Ruby is embracing her role as Head Adventure Chef of the season! But there's just one thing missing from her special stew... And it seems like it's your job to get it!

Check out this year's Thankstaking release in the Thankstaking Storybook!

  • Also, you can now reset your base class in the Falconreach Inn, both Books 1 and 3.

Get 50% more Dragon Coins from bundles (except DoomKnight and Dragon Amulet) from now until January 1st, 2020! Now's a great time to pick up Dragon Coins for future releases and sales!

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