Friday, March 30, 2018

Rebuilding and Updating!

Hey there, Heroes!

Verlyrus here! We have a three part release this week:

Happy spring! The snow around Falconreach has finally thawed out, and from it has sprung the rebuilt Serene Inn!


Using our new "Click to interact" technology, we've added a bunch of things to interact with to the new inn. Stay and relax a while!

Next up, Soulweaver now has a Dragon Amulet only color-custom option! Baltael's Aventail is now color-custom as well.


You too can be a super stylish Soulweaver! Head over to Book 3's Past Pellow village and talk to Tomix to access the new color-custom version! (Also accessible from the Armor Closet house item!)

And, last but not least, introducing easy saving and loading cosmetics! In the inventory screen, there are now two new buttons in the bottom right corner.


If you have a Dragon Amulet, you can now save your shown and hidden items, and then load them again with a single click! Note that unfortunately, this will not appear on your character pages. Hopefully this will save you from having to show and hide every single item when you log in or equip new items now!

And that's it for this week! Got any feedback? What building do you want to be rebuilt next in Falconreach? Any quality of life changes you want to see in the future?

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Post release bugfix: May require cache clear. Attempting to load saved customization onto a class that cannot equip weapons/capes/helms no longer crashes the game.

Post release bugfix 2: Fixed issue where items weren't hiding when loading customization.

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