Thursday, August 27, 2015

First Look at the Ranger Skills

Hello everyone!

Today I'm going to give a "quick" rundown of what you can expect from Ranger's skills!

First things first, I want to make sure it's clear that the names and numbers of these skills are very much still in development. I'd love to hear your feedback about them, but please keep that in mind!


Let's start off with the "Melee" category attacks. These attacks are offensive melee abilities that will generate melee focus (name pending).

1: Attack
Everybody's favorite big red Attack button! That's right, the normal attack will help build your melee focus up!
This attack does a hit of 100% damage.

2: Dual Wield
Quick onslaught of weapon and dagger.
A solid damaging attack on very low cooldown.
This attack does 2 hits of 60% damage each.

3: Armorslash
Cut off a section of your opponent's armor with a precise slash.
An offensive debuff skill.
Hit for 100% damage, and reduce enemy resistance to All by -20 for 5 turns.

Melee focus provides a stacking buff of 5 bonus to hit per stack, up to 5 stacks. If you have maximum stacks of Melee focus, you'll have +25 Bonus to hit!

Next up are the "Defense" category attacks. These are defensive melee abilities, and will reset both your melee and ranged focus after use.

1: Quick Reflexes
Channel your mind into a state of concentration, gaining supernatural reflexes for a short time.
Gain +175 avoidance for 4 turns.
Avoidance is your Block, Dodge, and Parry stats.
This translates to about an 80% chance to avoid damage.

2: Cripple
Impair your opponent with a well placed sword thrust. A guaranteed dodge if you land the attack!
Gives your enemy -100 to hit for the next turn.

3: Kick
Kick your enemy in a weak spot!
Lowers enemy damage by 50% for a few turns.

4: Recover
Take a quick rest and heal up while your trusty Hawk companion distracts the enemy.
2 hits of 40% damage, and heal 50% of your maximum health.
Very long cooldown.

These defensive skills are very powerful, but have the major cost of destroying your focus, which in turns lowers your damage output by quite a bit! Speaking of damage...

We have the Ranger's bow skills in the "Ranged" category! These are offensive skills that focus on buffs and damage. They will increase your Ranged Focus when used.

Now, to the skills!

1: Viper's Arrow
Shoot a deadly venom tipped arrow at your opponent.
Does 1 hit of 50% damage, and applies a DoT of 50% weapon damage for 10 turns.
When you hit a target who already is affected by Venom, the DoT gains strength, up to 150% damage per turn. (The duration does not reset when hit).
No cooldown.

2: Power Shot
Shoot a powerful focused arrow at your opponent!
1 hit of 120% damage on a very low cooldown.

3: Flashbang
Flashbang's functionality has been changed from before. Your flashbang now disorients and stuns the enemy.
1 hit of 25% damage, 3 turns of stun.
Flashbang does NOT reset focus!

4: Tracker's Shot
Shoot a tracking arrow at your enemy, making them easier to hit for a while.
1 hit of 75% damage with 100% bonus to hit. Gives the hero +50 Bonus to hit for 5 turns. The bonus to hit stacks with Melee focus!

5: Spotter's Shot
Shoot an intentionally off target arrow to distract your opponent, revealing their weak points.
1 hit of 75% damage. Your next attack will be critical.
Very low cooldown.

6: MultiShot
Fire multiple arrows with great precision!
Hit all enemies for 100% damage.
Very low cooldown

7: Sky Assault
Fire an explosive barrage down onto your enemies.
This has been changed from being very strong against a single target to a more general multi target skill.
When there is one enemy, this skill does 1 hit of 100% damage.
When there are two enemies, this skill does 3 hits of 100% damage.
When there are three enemies, this skill does 5 hits of 100% damage.

Ranged Focus increases your critical hit damage by a whopping 25% damage per stack, up to 5 stacks. However, unlike other classes, Ranger starts out doing 1.75 times normal damage on crits rather than 2 times.

That said, when you have max stacks, not only is your critical hit damage 3 times normal damage, you also have a 50% chance to get another attack each turn. (Only one bonus attack per turn :P)

This leaves one last skill: Purge!

Purge is unique in that it does not increase focus or reset focus. What it does do however, is for this skill only, double the effects of Focus on you. So at 5 stacks of Ranged Focus, you'll get a bonus of 4.25 times damage.
Purge always critically hits, and does two hits of 75% damage.

Non-Dragon Amulet players will have access to only the "Ranged" attack category, while Dragon Amulet holders will be able to access the "Defensive" and "Melee" categories, as well as Purge.

Again, all of this is subject to change, and I'd love to hear your feedback.

That wraps up the Ranger's new skills! Let me know what you think on the forums!

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