Friday, December 14, 2018

Frallmar Rises!

Hey there, heroes!

Horrible news, heroes! The children of Frostvale have gone missing! If that's not enough, a massive beast now looms over the Snowpeak Woods- threatening Frostval and all of the moglins.

This can only mean one thing: War!

A word from Elryn:

Adventurers! Take up your sharpest, or bluntest, weapons, your most powerful, or whacky, armours and all your best and funniest potions and head to war because things are about to get real frosty and icey around Frostvale and it's not just the weather!

Other updates will come as the war progresses and ultimately culminates to the finale on December 28th.

Look forward to next week... if you can get the ball rolling on the war that is!

This month, there is a special prize to be won by answering three weekly riddles correctly on the game's official Facebook page (url:! Until December 25th, if you can answer three riddles correctly, you'll be put into a pool to draw for a special prize of 500 Dragon Coins to the lucky winner! Choose wisely though as edited answers won't count!

Meeeerry Frostval warring!

Are you ready to take on the war? Have theories or ideas? Any feedback? Want a place to chat about war progress?

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