Monday, April 30, 2018

Engine Version 14.2.36

Hey there, Heroes!

Some Monday changes to stats! Yay!

Engine Version 14.2.36


  • DEX now reduces glancing blow damage by (DEX/10)%, additive.
    • DEX no longer increases Bonus to Hit.
  • DEX now increases DoT damage by DEX/5 damage, instead of a multiplicative percentage.
    • The goal of this change is to make it more useful for most DoTs, while not as overwhelming for super high damage DoTs. If you train DEX, and your class has any DoT at all, this should make those skills worth using. Damage is subject to change, as classes and builds that can apply a lot of DoTs at once get extremely buffed by this.
  • INT now increases Bonus to Hit by INT/10.
    • INT no longer reduces glancing blow damage.
    • This change is intended to lower the ubiquity of INT being entirely non-situational.
  • LUK now increases crit by LUK/10, previously LUK/20.
    • Buffing up LUK's utility a bit by giving it more crit rate.
    • An example- if you have 200 LUK, you will now gain an additional 20 crit. that is, 10% crit chance.

Remember, stat retraining only costs a total of 1001 gold until this Friday!


14.2.37 UPDATE:

  • Dex was a biiit overtuned.
    • Dex DoT damage bonus halved to DEX/10. Still a substantial damage bonus and worth using, but not totally insane.
    • Glancing blow damage reduction halved. 250 DEX results in a 12.5% glancing blow.
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