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Friday, November 1, 2019

Inn at the Edge of Time: Displaced Fates

Hey there, heroes!

Unfortunately, Dove was sick this week (and is still recovering), so we had to change our plans for the regularly scheduled challenge...

Introducing: the Displaced Fates board!

The newest challenge board at the Inn at the Edge of Time is here. The Displaced Fates board is home to those unfortunate enough to have had their destinies forcibly changed by others... for better or worse.

This week, take on the Challenger Gauntlet against a pack of beefed up animals!

If you can succeed, you'll earn yourself a Challenger Belt which can be upgraded into one of three new belts.

Head over to the Inn at the Edge of Time to compete!

November's DC items are here! The Helm of Autumn's Call and Autumn's Grace cape are now available for 300 DCs each in the Book of Lore. These beautiful items were crafted by Dracelix, and are sure to protect you from the chill of fall and winter.

Finally, the Thankstaking Storybook is now available to play in the Book of Lore! The Mogloween Storybook will be leaving with next week's rlease, so make sure to finish up all your business there before it goes away!

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