Sunday, August 23, 2015

Create-a-Quest Postponed Until Further Notice

Hey everyone. I know this is rough news, but it's got to be shared. Currently, we do not have the resources, time, or access required to make the Create-a-Quest system into the robust system that we want it to be.

As a result, it is hereby postponed until further notice. We're not sure if we will revisit the project in the future.

I know this was a much anticipated and requested feature, and I'm as disappointed as many of you are.

I also know that you all have amazing ideas and stories to tell. If you want a great place to share those stories, you can always post them in the DragonFable Legends & Lore section of the forum here. Don't forget to make a forum thread for discussion here. You can also post your artwork on the forums here.

And as always, you can discuss all things DragonFable on the forums here.

Thanks for being so understanding.

Tags: #Verlyrus