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Friday, July 5, 2019

The Corrupted Seven and the Return of the Boxcat

Hey there, heroes!

Earlier this week, I returned from my vacation, and just in time too! This week, we're bringing you a variety of bug fixes, adjustments, and a new challenge board!

First up, the Corrupted Seven board has appeared in the Inn at the Edge of Time. Fight through the Seven Corrupted Elemental Spirits to reach the final reward! This week, the spirits of Greed and Envy are available to fight.

Will you be able to defeat Envy before its jealousy consumes you? Will Greed steal all that you hold dear?

Defeating them five times each will reward you with a cosmetic chibi version of the spirits to sit on your shoulder in battle!

And now for the bug fixes and updates!

  • Fixed a bug where using the Dragon Amulet's Buy Dragon Food shop would cause future shops to open up the Dragon Amulet interface.
  • Fixed a bug where dragon's Overcharge Ally's Boost was not displaying properly in the Dragon Skill training interface.
  • Fixed a bug where you could attune your dragon to Disease element (and subsequently cause a lot of weird things to happen).
  • Fixed bug where automatic dragon could use skils that it had not trained yet.
  • Tentatively fixed "Insufficient Funds" popping up when training stats when you do have enough gold.
  • Fixed bugs where some dragon buffs would not apply until the following turn.
  • Fixed bugs where you could access Water Orb and Earth Orb questlines from the Book of Lore without doing their prerequisite quests.
  • You can no longer train or untrain your dragon or buy dragon food in the middle of a battle.
  • Kid Dragon's colorization has been fixed.
  • Added an option to the Anniversary Scythe shops to convert level 90 versions of the Scythes back down to 10.

Also, the North and Unity DC weapons have returned for the month of July! Make sure to pick them up while you can!

And that's all for this week! Further updates and adjustments are incoming, as always. It's good to be back!


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You can download it for free, here!

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