Sunday, April 14, 2019

Combat Update Follow-Up 2

Hey there, heroes!

I know, I know, it's been a volatile weekend for stats. This should be the last update though (bar any extreme unforseen issues). I will follow up later with a summary of all stats.

Changes today:

  • STR now increases damage of non-critical hits by (STR/10)%.
    • 20% at 200 STR.
  • DEX now increases all direct damage to enemies affected by DoT effects (except for Vaal's Ego) by 3(DEX/80)%.
    • 7.5% at 200 DEX.

STR and DEX were still too niche with the buffs to their secondary damage effects. These changes bring them in line with the damage bonus from INT, while still giving them their own (admittedly small) identity.

I can understand that you may see DEX's 7.5% and think, wait, that seems low! Well, here's the math breakdown.

Assuming a 100 base damage (no boosts), and 100 crit (50% crit chance):

  • STR/LUK results in an average of 150 damage.
    • 55% chance for 1.75x damage, 45% chance for 1.2x damage.
  • INT/LUK results in an average of 152 damage.
    • 55% chance for 1.95x damage, 45% chance for 1x damage.
  • DEX/LUK results in an average of 152 damage.
    • 55% chance for 1.88125x damage, 45% chance for 1.075x damage
  • STR/INT results in an average of 158 damage
    • 50% chance for 120, 50% chance for 195.
  • INT/DEX results in an average of 159 damage
    • 50% chance of 108, 50% chance of 210.
  • DEX/STR results in an average of 159 damage
    • 50% chance of 129, 50% chance of 188.

As you can see, DEX is on par with INT and STR for damage, even if its boost number seems low. Its damage may seem slightly higher, but also keep in mind that it requires a DoT to first be applied to an enemy in order to take effect.

LUK's damage might seem low, but it does provide other benefits beside Crit, and is non-conditional.

Other changes:

  • Enemy damage now scales less with guests. (Enemies now gain 25% 50% more damage per guest, down from 75%.
  • Pet dragons (kid, toddler, and baby) can now be summoned in battle.
  • Equipping a pet while in battle will stun it for a turn with "Waking Up".

These changes are to make CHA a more attractive option, while also managing pet swapping.

Lowering the risk of taking guests makes them stronger, and pet dragons are one of the main beneficiaries of CHA.

However, pets are very strong, and being able to constantly swap them out for free is a little too powerful, especially with the pet dragon. As a result, the Waking Up stun has been added, which prevents pets from attacking on the turn that they are equipped.



I am aware that stat training costs are currently a bit high. This is something that I would like to address in the future, but unfortunately cannot be done at the moment. For this, I apologize.

I would like to thank everyone who has provided feedback and criticism- I know even with these changes, some players may still be dissatisfied. However, we will see what the future brings!



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