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Saturday, April 13, 2019

Combat Update Follow-Up

Hey there, heroes!

After listening to player feedback, and discussing the recent changes at length, I've decided to give it another go.

The previous implementation, while it achieved its goals, was unintuitive and frustrating in some aspects.

As a result, this is the new proposal for combat changes:


  • STR, DEX, and INT will lose their tertiary effects.
    • STR no longer provides Immobility resistance
    • DEX no longer provides Immobility bypass
    • INT no longer provides Bonus to Hit
  • STR's bonus damage on non-crits has been increased to STR/20, up from STR/25.
  • DEX's bonus damage on DoTs has been increased to DEX/8, up from DEX/10.
  • END will now provide Immobility resistance.
    • END/5 Immobility resistance.
  • WIS will no longer provide an increase to MP recovery
  • WIS will now provide -Health resistance instead of a hidden boost. (WIS/20, same as before)
  • WIS will now provide Bonus to Hit.
    • WIS/10 Bonus.
  • LUK will now provide M/P/M avoidance of LUK/20, up from LUK/25.
  • Immobility effects on the player only (NOT enemies or guests) now have a 66% chance to not immobilize the player on their turn.
    • For example, if you are stunned, on your turn, you have a 33% chance to lose your turn, and a 66% chance to be able to act. This does NOT purge the stun.



The goals of these changes are as follows:

1: STR and Immobility Resistance.

Having an extremely strong defensive ability on a main stat made it too necessary, and limited build options. Decreasing STR synergy, while it accomplishes the fact that it is no longer as optimal, also made it unsatisfying to train, and did not feel good to use when you wanted or needed Immobility resistance.

2: Clarity

The Immobility bypass effect of DEX had the intended effect of making STR less useful- however, you still needed the Immobility resist if you wanted to resist stuns. It also wasn't clear at first glance how much Immobility bypass you needed. This was a mistake on my part, and I m thus removing it. This is also the impetus behind the WIS change from a hidden bonus to direct -Health resistance.


The changes to STR and DEX secondary boosts should bring them to be relatively in line with INT.
Assuming base 100 damage:

At 250 INT, your critical hit will do 25% more damage, or 25 more damage on a base 100 crit attack.
At 250 DEX, each DoT will do 31 more damage per turn. This is somewhat situational, but compared to INT, unless you are hitting multiple boosted crits, even a single DoT provides similar damage. The base is higher though, since this does not synergize with Boost. And multiple DoTs make DEX stand out even more.
At 250 STR, your non critical hits will do 12 more damage. At first this seems like not a lot. However, you only need 3 non-crit hits in one turn to bypass the bonus from INT on a basic critical attack. And you almost match with 2.

STR is therefore situationally weaker than INT, however it should be more reliable.

You can, of course, combine the offensive stats and be hyperoffensive!

END is now even more defensive. However, the Immobility effect has been changed in order to make offensive builds more viable. Otherwise, full END would become the next problem. END was already strong, and this makes it stronger. But not necessary.

These changes and compromises should provide a better, clearer, and more fun combat experience!

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