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Friday, June 25, 2021

Book 3: The Awakened Depths: Dragonsgrasp!

Hey there, heroes!

It's the final update of June, and we have a lot for you this week!

First up, Book 3 Dragonsgrasp is here! Thanks to Dracelix's and our new testers' hard work, we've managed to finish updating the entire town of Dragonsgrasp!

Seems like a lot has changed since you last visited... And the gates are now open to all!

With the next story update, Greenguard Alliance camps will be added, and this will become the new staging ground for The Awakened Depths chapter of Book 3!

Head over to Queen Victoria in Book 3 Swordhaven to visit the new and improved Dragonsgrasp!

Next up, DragonLord has received a massive update, including upgrades to the Dragon's Rage and Dragon's Patience artifacts!

Before we get to all the awesome updates, I'd like to discuss the pricing and upgrading of the Dragon's Rage and Dragon's Patience artifacts. Currently, they are priced at either 325,000 Gold, or 750 Dragon Coins. However, considering the coming upgrades, this price will be reduced to 25,000 Gold, or 250 Dragon Coins with the final release of July 2021.

Until then, the upgrade to the new artifact versions will be free. Once the price change takes effect, however, the upgrade will cost 300,000 Gold, or 500 Dragon Coins. This results in the same total cost overall. Please note that purchasing this upgrade must match the same currency used before- you will only be able to use the Dragon Coin upgrade on the Dragon Coin version of the artifact, and the same for gold.

Now for some baseline and Rage/Patience DragonLord changes:

  • Dragon Heart has been renamed Dragon Wings
    • Can now be used after any Dragon Spirit skill, not just Light, Ice, or Fire.
    • Cooldown reduced to 12, from 15.
    • When used, will Unbind your next 3 Dragon Spirit skills, allowing damaging ones to deal your weapon element damage. Note that Unbound spirits can be consumed on non-damaging Dragon Spirit skills to no effect.
    • The Wings unlock condition no longer persists between battles.
  • Dragon Soul is now Dragon Heart
    • Base damage increased to 300%. (500% with Rage).
    • Now requires <= 20% HP rather than < 21%.
  • Dragon Eye cooldown reduced to 7.
    • Base damage reduced to 125%, from 150%. Rage base damage reduced to 175%, from 225%.
  • All Dragon's Patience and Dragon's Rage passive damage bonuses now increase base damage, rather than damage per hit.
  • Dragon's Patience now stacks up to 125% base damage, at a rate of 5% per turn.
  • Bash is now Dragon Tail
  • Energy Dragon Spirit is now Dragon Breath
  • Rush is now Dragon Claw, and has been compressed with Dragon Bite.
    • Same combo, one button!
  • There is now a new Energy Dragon Spirit skill
    • This skill deals 130% base damage (175% with Rage) and reduces enemy All resistance by 25 for 4 turns.
  • Frost Dragon Spirit has been renamed Ice Dragon Spirit.
    • Ice Dragon Spirit no longer reduces foe's immobility resistance.
    • Ice Dragon Spirit's Boost reduction reduced to 50, down from 55.

And finally, introducing Dragon's Bulwark and Dragon's Wrath!

Dragon's Bulwark is the upgrade from Dragon's Patience. Whie it retains all the bonuses and effects of Dragon's Patience, Dragon's Bulwark allows you to access Spirit and Body combos.

Dragon's Wrath is the upgrade from Dragon's Rage. Whie it retains all the bonuses and effects of Dragon's Rage, Dragon's Wrath allows you to access Spirit and Body combos.

Spirit combos can be charged by using Elemental Dragon Spirit skills. Once you've gotten two Dragon Spirits, you can choose to empower your next Elemental Dragon Spirit skill to give it an additional or stronger effect. These effects differ between Dragon's Wrath and Dragon's Patience.

Body combos can be charged by using the non-elemental Dragon Body skills. Once you have 2 charges, your next Dragon Body skill will gain an additional effect. This cannot be toggled, so you must plan accordingly! The Body combo effects for Dragon Heart and Dragon Wings are different between Dragon's Wrath and Dragon's Patience.

They also both have an additional effect tied to copmletion of the Dragon Claw combo.


  • Dragon Claw applies Protector's Fray to self, +5 All for 4 turns.


  • Dragon Claw applies Wrathful Rush to self, +10 Boost for 5 turns.

The following is a list of the combo finishers. These effects occur in addition to any other effects the skill may provide or apply.


  • Dark Bulwark Finisher
    • Gain Lvl + 10 END for 10 turns.
  • Earth Bulwark Finisher
    • Incoming damage reduced even further, (95% and 70%, up from 80% and 50%).
  • Wind Bulwark Finisher
    • Gain +180 B/P/D Defense for 1 turn.
  • Water Bulwark Finisher
    • Purge non-Stuffed/non-DragonLord effects from self.
  • Energy Bulwark Finisher
    • Apply -180 Avd to foe for 3 turns.
  • Light Bulwark Finisher
    • Blind duration increased to 6 turns, up from 4.
  • Ice Bulwark Finisher
    • Further reduces foe's boost by (your missing HP%/3).
  • Fire Bulwark Finisher
    • Increases Boost by 25 for 5 turns.
  • Dragon Wings Bulwark Finisher
    • Increases your passive Bulwark damage by an additional 5%.
  • Dragon Heart Bulwark Finisher
    • Can be used above 20% HP, but applies a 9 turn cooldown.


  • Dark Wrath Finisher
    • Gain a base damage boost based on your missing HP%.
  • Earth Wrath Finisher
    • Gain death resistance for 3 turns.
  • Wind Wrath Finisher
    • Apply -180 Avd to for for 5 turns.
  • Water Wrath Finisher
    • Gain +200 Crit chance for 5 turns.
  • Energy Wrath Finisher
    • -All effect increased to -40, up from -25.
  • Light Wrath Finisher
    • Gain +100 Bonus for 5 turns.
  • Ice Wrath Finisher
    • Cleanse self of all DoT effects.
  • Fire Wrath Finisher
    • Reduce your cooldowns by 1.
  • Dragon Wings Wrath Finisher
    • Apply +40 Health resistance to foe.
  • Dragon Heart Wrath Finisher
    • Dragon Heart will not consume any HP on use.

Other Dragon Body Finishers

  • Dragon Tail Finisher
    • Apply -50 Immobility resistance for 1 turn (Before hit)
  • Dragon Eye Finisher
    • Damage increased by 75% base damage. (225% total for Bulwark, 275% total for Wrath)
  • Dragon Bite Finisher
    • The double attack gains +75 Bonus
  • Dragon Claw Finisher
    • Bulwark's Protectors Fray applies +8 All to self, up from 5.
    • Wrath's Wrathful Rush applies +15 Boost to self, up from 10.
  • Dragon Breath Finisher
    • Damage increased by 20% base damage.

And this also comes with a sweet new UI to help you track your combos and spirits!

You can upgrade to Dragon's Bulwark and Dragon's Wrath either temporarily in the Book of Lore (until the end of July), or in Book 3 Dragonsgrasp.

Next up, there's a new selection of kid dragon hats and backbacks! Thanks to Darkon with his help in designing some of the more... nefarious options!

You can check out the new options by talking to Dove in Book 3 Sunbreeze Grove.

As a reminder, this is the last week to pick up an Anniversary scythe before they leave with next week's release!

Finally, bug fixes and adjustments

  • DragonByte Epoch now has a unique UI!
  • Various challenges have had their base damage adjusted as a follow up to last week's elemental resistance changes.
    • Sloth
    • Desirelings
    • Wrath
    • Ayauhnqui
    • Xan
    • Vaal
  • New characters now start with 1000 gold, and upon completion of the introduction quest, will earn a level 3 Scythe to help them begin their journey!
  • DeathKnight now has base 5 Light and Darkness resistance.
  • Probably other stuff that I've forgotten, sorry.

And that's all for this week, and DragonFable's 15th anniversary month! We hope you had a blast, and that you'll join us for even more to come!

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