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Friday, March 6, 2020

Arena at the Edge of Time: The Conduit

Hey there, heroes!

This month, a new board has appeared on the Inn at the Edge of Time Challenge Board: The Conduit!

The Conduit board is home to challenges against the entities bound to the rare and mysterious Summon Gems. You may have even collected some along your previous travels.

This time, you'll face off against Reaver, the Deathbringer, and Ayauhnqui, the Lifespark.

That's right, alongside the old Summons, you'll encounter new Summons that haven't made an appearance before!

Defeat both to unlock an upgrade to the Summon Gem - Reaver, as well as the new Summon Gem- Ayauhnqui!

Head over to the Inn at the Edge of Time to see if you have what it takes to take on The Conduit!

Some class updates are here this week as well:

Underworld Epoch

  • Timeshift now consumes 6 momentum and allows you to resist death for 3 turns.
  • Final has been updated. It will now consume momentum in amounts of 3, 6, or 9.
    • When used with less than 6 momentum, it wil consume 3, and provide +90 Defense, 15 All res, and -30 Health res, dealing 2.5x base damage.
    • When used with less than 9 momentum, but more than 5, it wil consume 6, and provide +60 Defense, 10 All res, and -20 Health res, dealing 3.5x base damage.
    • When used with 9 momentum, it wil consume 9, and provide +30 Defense, 5 All res, and -10 Health res, dealing 4.5 base damage.


  • Unfortunately, Chaosweaver has proven to be entirely too powerful, requiring new challenge fights to have specific abilities to either counteract or shut it down. This is not sustainable in the long run, severely limits design flexibility, and frustrates other classes besides Chaosweaver. As such, Chaosweaver is having some of its abilities toned down.
  • Gambit
    • Soul Boost:
      • Bonus reduced to 100 from 200.
      • Boost reduced to 150 from 175.
  • Empowered Soul Aegis
    • Immobility res reduced to 100, down from 300.
  • Empowered Soul Shred
    • Bonus reduced to -50 from -100.
  • Empowered Vengeance
    • Health resist lowered to 50, from 70.

As always, I'm open to constructive feedback regarding any balance changes. At this point, Underworld Epoch is basically complete, bar minor tweaks and changes. Chaosweaver may also receive more tweaks in the future if needed (nerfs or buffs).

March's Dragon Coin special is here! We have a pair of Legion weapons available for DCs for the month of March. They have the same stats, but different appearances! Make sure to pick up your favorite before they leave!

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