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Friday, April 26, 2019

Sneevils and Technomancer and Pirate Updates!

Hey there, heroes!

This week, we have a bit of a lighter release after all of the excitement earlier this month!

Introducing: the Sneevil Box Fort, Reimagined!

One of the most classic DragonFable quests has received a makeover, with new art and enemy scaling!

You can find your way to the Sneevil Box Fort in Book1/2 from Sir Valence in Oaklore Keep, Ash in Falconreach, the Falconreach Inn's Odd Jobs board, or walking there through Surewould Forest.

The Pirate and Technomancer classes have had some major updates!

Pirate has had some minor tweaks as well as a class bonus.


  • Crackers has had its blind increased to -80, up from -30.
  • Pirate, as a dirty fighter, now has 10% bonus damage against enemies with less than 0 Bonus.
  • Sealegs Cooldown reduced to 5, down from 7.
  • Dirty Trick now does 100% weapon damage total.
  • Lime-Aid now purges status effects on you, except for Stuffed.
  • Lime-Aid's heal over time effect has been increased to 10% Max HP per turn, up from 5%.
  • Backstab damage does twice your base damage, and can only activate once per turn. (Previously did base damage and could activate multiple times per turn with diminishing returns)
  • Avast cooldown increased to 7, up from 3.
  • Target Practice Bonus gained increased to 50, up from 15. Blind effect increased to -50, up from -15.
  • Fire the Broadsides now always attempts to stun for 1 turn.
  • Plunder is now Plunder & Sunder
    • MP cost increased to 35, up from 20.
    • Does 100% base damage up from 45%.
    • Will steal an MP potion if you have less % MP remaining than % HP.
    • Will steal an HP potion if you have less than or equal % HP than % MP.
    • Both MP and HP potions can only be stolen up to 5 total.
    • Applies Sundered Armor (-50 All) for 2 turns to the enemy.

Technomancer has had a larger overhaul, and a new class mechanic.


  • Heat
    • Each turn in battle, your Heat level increases by 1. Every turn, you lose MP equal to your Heat level.
    • Heat maxes out at 20.
    • Heat resets at the start of battle.
  • Drive Boost
    • You gain Boost for every % missing from your MP.
    • If your maximum MP changes during battle, Drive Boost becomes disabled for 3 turns.
    • Drive Boost is maintained between battles.
  • Reactive Barrier
    • Avoidance increased to 200, up from 120.
  • Overclock
    • Cooldown increased to 11 turns, up from 5.
  • Table of Elements has been replaced with Mana Eruption.
    • MP cost 0
    • Cooldown 14 turns
    • Mana Eruption recovers 20% of your maximum MP.
    • Mana Eruption does damage boosted by your % MP * 1.5.
    • For example, at 100% MP, Mana Eruption does 250% base weapon damage.
  • Magnetic Resonance Protocol
    • Initial heal increased to 20%, up from 10%.
    • Cooldown increased to 9, up from 8.
  • Sonic Boom Blaster
    • Reduces enemy Immobility resist by 50, up from 30.
    • Always attempts to stun for one turn.
    • Cooldown increased to 14, up from 7.
  • Rabid Byte has been replaced with Tog-Drone Tracking.
    • Tog-Drone Tracking buffs your Boost by 30, Bonus by 100, and Crit by 100 for 5 turns.
  • Complete Debug Program has been replaced with Vent Heat.
    • Vent Heat resets your Heat level to 0.
    • Vent Heat does damage based on your Heat level.
      • Starting from 0, Vent Heat does 10% more base weapon damage per Heat level.
      • For example, at 10 Heat, Vent Heat will do 100% base weapon damage.
    • However, at 20 Heat, Vent Heat will do 300% base weapon damage (Instead of the expected 200%).
    • Vent Heat also increases enemy Health Resistance for 4 turns based on the amount of Heat used (5 * Heat level, for a maximum of 100 at 10 Heat).
  • Event Horizon
    • No longer stuns or hits all enemies.
    • Damage reduced to 110% damage, down from 125% damage.
    • Now lowers enemy All resist by 50, and increases enemy Health resist by 50.
  • Drillbit
    • Cooldown increased to 9 turns, up from 6.
    • Damage decreased to 3 hits of 25% damage, down from 3 hits of 40% damage.
  • Enhanced Metallic Aging
    • Damage reduced to 100%, down from 110%.
    • DoT damage increased to 100% damage + Stat damage.
  • Mana Burst Grenades
    • Now does bonus damage based on your WIS stat.
    • Does 3 hits of 33% of (base damage + your WIS).
      • For example, if you have 33 damage, and 33 WIS, you will do 3 hits of 22.
  • Static Overload Blast
    • 115%-125% damage, down from 125%-135%.
    • Bonus increased to 200, up from 180.
  • Photon Bow
    • Cooldown decreased to 1, down from 5.
    • MP cost increased to 25, up from 20.
    • No longer hits multiple enemies.
    • Does 3 hits of 40% weapon damage to one enemy.
  • Force-sword
    • Cooldown reduced to 8, down from 12.
    • Damage reduced to 66% per hit, down from 75%.

As always, player feedback is super important to us. Please let us know what you think of the updates, and what you may like to see in the future! Next up for rebalancing after this are Guardian and Pyromancer!

Dove made some fixes too:

  • Female Dubstepoch (2019 Epoch) has been given the missing necklace
  • Hanging Vines (a house item from the Azaveyran House Items shop) were lowered
  • Fixed color customization of the Navigator's Hat
  • Fixed color customization of the Time Killer Headgear and the Time Killer Ten Gallon

Also, don't forget, the Ostara's Eggs event will be leaving with next week's release!

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