Friday, March 3, 2017

A Legendary Artifact

Hey there everyone!

This week, we have a quest written by the one and only San Robin! Get ready for the cheesy puns!
Head on over to Serenity's Inn in Book 1 Falconreach and find San Robin to play the next chapter in his tale!

Also, the Hero's Heart Day Storybook and item shops will be leaving on Monday, March 6th!
And now, a word from San Robin himself!


With that greeting, you probably know what time it is!
Yes! The dreaded fondue friday is back!
San Robin* has yet another quest for you.
He may or may not have found a clue to answer something he has been wondering for years.
Where are the bandits who attacked his merchant family?

A fair warning in advance:
If you’re allergic to dairy and/or puns, it’s best to keep your anti-allergy medicine at hand!

Dracelix made an awesome (and oh-so cheesy) weapon to go with the quest as well. 

Now enough writing!
Go on a quest with San Robin to find the legen-dairy artifact!

*It feels so weird to write your username when talking about an NPC.

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