Friday, October 29, 2010

Resident Sneevil: Survivors!

The battle against the Z-Virus is won! Congratulations to the uninfected who soundly beat back the Zardbies (even with Rolith and I both succumbing to the virus)! As your war challenge reward Ghost has made up a special Moonridge weapon set that can be found in a chest behind... The Zemesis! Will you be able to beat back the ultimate Z-Virus victim? Defeating him will give you a chance to win the coveted Spy Gear previewed last week!

The Cauldron Sisters are all ready with their candy anti-virus and they need someone to distribute it... you! After you finish the boss fight get on out there and get to Trick-or-Tricking! There are 22 masks this year (yeah, Lim went a liiittle crazy) and, if any catch your fancy, Cysero has a few stocked up in his SuperStore! You can also get a hold of the brand new holiday rare, the HarvestReaper Scythe!

There are also brand new versions of the much requested Spooky Orange Cape as well as a Spooky Violet Cape available for gold from the Sisters!!

Next Week: Bug Squashing!
Next week will be a round of bug squashing, so there will be no major release. Don't worry though, I hear True Mortal has been busy stocking sinister looking chests and locking them tight.... I wonder what he could be hiding in them? Next Friday the hunt for the chests will begin!



Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Resident Sneevil: Sneak Peek!

Tactical Assault Reconnaissance Team
Mission Briefing
An infestation of highly aggresive frogzards has broken out in the area of Doomwood. An expert on scene has had no luck determining cause of outbreak. It appears that the local Sneevil population is being affected. Stay on point in case you're called in by the locals, Team!

Click for spoilerific picture!

Just who could this mysterious Tactical Assault Reconnaissance Team be? Find out in Resident Sneevil: Revelations! Coming October 15th!

Hopped up on coffeeeee!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Weapons of DOOOOOOM!

If there's one thing we love here at the Secret Underground Lab it's weaponry to defend ourselves against undead invasions! Which is why I want to give huge props to Platinum and his friend, who made us a real life version of the Necrotic Blade of Doom!

Now I just have to figure out how to sneak a >5' tall sword out of the Lab without anyone noticing....

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Friday, October 1, 2010

Mogloween 2010 Begins!

It's October 1st and Mogloween has officially begun! This year we're going to delve into the mysterious zard invasion that started on Friday the 13th... are you ready for a very infectious Mogloween?

The previous Mogloween's are all available for play through now too! Remember though, that Chapters 1-4 need to be completed in order. So, you'll have to go through and get all the masks before you can move on to the next chapter. (Chapter 5 is available for play now though!)

Resident Sneevil
As you can see from the Chapter 5 Mogloween town all the Resident Sneevil quests are already planned out! You may notice the mysterious naming of the final quest though.... :O! You'll have to wait until the final week (/cough, October 29th!) to find the name of the final, epic quest for Resident Sneevil!

Forum Friends!
If you were around for August's Friday the 13th war, you may remember it as a huge, frenetic event. The DragonFable forums were insanely busy and the war threads moved fast and furious! All of us on the DF team were very happy to see how much you guys were enjoying that war and to see how you all came together to beat back the 5 MILLION waves of savage zards!

As a special thank you I've asked eight of your forum friends if they would to appear in small walk-on roles for Resident Sneevil! So everyone give a huge congratulations to Eric Ravenwing, Lady Ravenwing, Dornalca, pokewanderer, ChainSword, LFAL, chisagen and Prius! I chose these eight because they were such positive, driving forces in the Friday the 13th war threads making fun, informative (even several rather poetic) posts. So, keep an eye out for these guys the rest of the month. Who knows what crazy situations Ghost will put them into! ;o