Friday, October 29, 2010

Resident Sneevil: Survivors!

The battle against the Z-Virus is won! Congratulations to the uninfected who soundly beat back the Zardbies (even with Rolith and I both succumbing to the virus)! As your war challenge reward Ghost has made up a special Moonridge weapon set that can be found in a chest behind... The Zemesis! Will you be able to beat back the ultimate Z-Virus victim? Defeating him will give you a chance to win the coveted Spy Gear previewed last week!

The Cauldron Sisters are all ready with their candy anti-virus and they need someone to distribute it... you! After you finish the boss fight get on out there and get to Trick-or-Tricking! There are 22 masks this year (yeah, Lim went a liiittle crazy) and, if any catch your fancy, Cysero has a few stocked up in his SuperStore! You can also get a hold of the brand new holiday rare, the HarvestReaper Scythe!

There are also brand new versions of the much requested Spooky Orange Cape as well as a Spooky Violet Cape available for gold from the Sisters!!

Next Week: Bug Squashing!
Next week will be a round of bug squashing, so there will be no major release. Don't worry though, I hear True Mortal has been busy stocking sinister looking chests and locking them tight.... I wonder what he could be hiding in them? Next Friday the hunt for the chests will begin!