Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Moonridge Awaits!

Moonridge Awaits!

The bustling trade city that sits at the edge of Doomwood has opened it's doors to all the heroes of Falconreach. Captain Viamat has a new random quest if you feel like patrolling for undead or you're more then welcome to hop on a dragon and bomb the attacking skellies, slimes and zombies from high above!

You can find your way to Moonridge by following the new, improved path east of Falconreach! Just go south from Valencia.

Make sure to check out the varied (and slightly random) shops available in town. You'll see items from all over Lore as well as a few higher level versions of familiar items. What other stuff would you like to see the merchants of Moonridge carry? Are there any favorite items that you just outleveled that you'd like see again?  Let us know on the forums so we can continue to fill the shops!

Friday the 13th Approaches!

The unluckiest of days is almost upon us again. As always, masses of angry things are getting ready to attack! This time though... it's different. This time, something new lurks in Doomwood. Something... changed. Something... angry. It's not even Friday and sometimes, when wandering around the new town of Moonridge... sometimes it feels as though something is watching you.

Where did it come from? Who is responsible for this new, dangerous legion of monsters?  What exactly are they? Log in on Friday the 13th... if you dare to find out!

This Friday the 13th... the Invasion begins... and it won't stop with just one war!