Friday, August 13, 2010


Friday the 13th Has Arrived!

You can feel their eyes... watching... waiting.... Their snarls echo through the edges of Doomwood.... The Zards have arrived!

Zards are an unusual reptilian creature that have long inhabited the southern reaches of Lore, but they have never been encountered this far north. These zards, though... well, these zards are angry! Where you felt just a single pair of eyes before, heard just one creature skittering away, now yellow eyes seem to peer from any dark space. Where did they all come from? Who is responsible?

Luckily (well... maybe not so luckily for him), the famed Zardhunter, Irwin Dundee, has come north to study the wildlife indigenous to Doomwood. Surely he can help fight back this enormous outbreak of zards? Even Falconreach is lending a hand with the Nytroglycerine Sponge Catapult.

Very, very unlucky.

What The Future Holds

Rolith is working on something special for DragonLords that will unlock when the war meter hits 50% (well... hopefully, it is a Friday the 13th war after all).

When the war meter hits 100% a very special cutscene will be unlocked, one that take this from just an unlucky outbreak of an invasive species to an uprising that will threaten to encompass the rest of Lore. The sooner you unlock the cutscene, the sooner you will see the origins of the Zard outbreak... but will you be able to find the source before zards cover the landscape like infection?