Friday, June 11, 2010

A World (Cup) of Love!

It's a Pre-Release release!
We have some REALLY special things to celebrate this weekend! The World Cup has started, which is very exciting! But even MORE exciting (to me, at least) is that Cysero is getting married! To celebrate both of these super-amazing events, here at DragonFable we've made some commemorative (and RARE) items.

Cysero's getting married!
You know him as the Green Mage, DragonFable's Mad WeaponsSmith. It's Cysero, and he's getting married THIS WEEKEND! (And not just in-game!) This weekend the whole team is going to trek to Cysero and Nursey's ceremony to help them celebrate their wedding.

But YOU can be a part of this happy, happy occasion by celebrating with them in AdventureQuest Worlds! Just log in at and go to the main event!

And because Cysero was originally the head designer of DragonFable (and still offers us ideas from time to time), we thought it would be great for all his DragonFable-based fans to be able to celebrate with him, too!

Earlier in the week, we asked Lim to make a Cysero Tophat and Nursey Wedding Wreath, and make them drop little green socks. They look greentastic! (My character is wearing the wedding wreath right now!) You can see them below:

Join us in celebrating this joyous day

From the entire DragonFable team, we'd like to offer Cysero and Nursey our best wishes for their future together!

Who are YOU going to cheer for?
The World Cup is ON! Rolith has the match between Uruguay* and France playing on one of his three computer screens while we work towards getting tonight's release out. And this morning he had the awesome idea of making a cape for each of the 32 teams in the League play!So he just about tackled Lim as he walked into the room this morning and said:

Rolith: Hey Lim! Ol' buddy! Pal! Compadre!
Lim: .... Hi Rolith.
Rolith: How would YOU like to make THIRTY-TWO capes?
Rolith: For tonight's release?

Lim: Oh hey, what about "N-
Rolith: They're for the World Cup teams! So the players can cheer their favorites on!

Lim: Actually, I love that idea. Lets do this!
Lim: But who will make ALL those database entries?!
Rolith and Lim: Heeeeey ALINA!

Mexico, USA, Germany, Switzerland, and Greece's scarves!

So there you have 'em, 32 different team-themed scarves that you can wear as capes to show your support for your favorite Football** team!

The rest of the release is coming in a few hours!
We'll have the Nythera quest and the Captain Rolith text-parsing adventure AND the DragonsGrasp restructure for you in a little bit. We just wanted to get these items out to you NOW so that you can start celebrating!

* Rolith is cheering for Uruguay. Go team!
** By "Football" I mean "Soccer." In the US, we like to rename things. And sometimes respell them.

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