Friday, January 18, 2013


Wow! So much stuff today! And it's not even the stuff I thought we were going to release this week! OO

The path to Swordhaven is now open from the southernmost gate in Book 3 Falconreach! Thanks to Ghost and Dracelix, you guys can explore the path to the capital city! Just be suuuuper careful how you answer questions asked of you by The Rose...

There's also a new blacksmith in the southern Falconreach square! He has started crafting gorgeous weapons (from Cronix) that get more elaborate as they increase in level! Sielu also has an extensive DC shop if you just have to have that simple or final version of a specific weapon with it's own incredible power! More weapons will be coming in the weeks ahead, as well as more merge items once a few more randoms get re-arted and/or created (namely fire and ice essences)!

The Enchanted Grove in the Book 3 Elemental Foothills is now available to explore! There's also an adorable little guy that needs your help on the path towards the Fiery Cave of Mt. Shining Star!

So cute!

Also wish Tomix, Dracelix and Oishii a huuuuuge GET WELL SOOOOOOOON! I'll just be over on the side getting into my biohazard suit in an effort to not get the flu myself!

Also, don't forget about the LQS shop that goes live tomorrow morning at 11am! 

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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Art Overload!

Cronix might be magic, or a cyborg... there may be several clones of him... I'm not sure. He has fully embraced his volunteer dev role, though, and is creating many, many awesome new things for you guys!

You know all those different essences you've been collecting from re-arted Book 3 randoms? Stone, Rock, Water, Nature, Magic and more! Cronix has been working on weapons for the merges for those! The base, initial merge versions will be the simple blades and staves but the final merges will have amazing anamation and there should be even more weapons added as time goes on!

The final versions of the weapons!

Cronix has also been working on NPCs! In addition to helping Dracelix with the wind elf NPCs for Sulen'Eska, he's also created side facing versions of two of Falconreach's residents... the Book 3 versions of Aria and Ash!

A Light Knight! (Larger Version)

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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Everything Old is New Again!

This week we'll see a bunch of new randoms in Swordhaven which begs the question... what would you like to see drop from the new randoms?

The original randoms had a huge amount of classic weapons and DF's new mystery intern has been charged with revamping them for the new randoms, but which ones would you guys like to see redone? (The new intern would like to sleep so redoing allllll the old wespons might be a bit much.) Which weapons do you like just the way they are but want to see higher level versions of? Try to keep it to the drops available in the original randoms!

Child's Play
Child's Play is an awesome charity that helps get games and fun items to sick kids around the world. Artrix Entertainment has been a supporter for several years. This year though, thanks to all our players generosity we've been able to become Platnium Sponsers! We just want to thank all of you for helping through playing our games! We couldn't have done it without you!