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March 11, 2016

Lucky Hunt

The Lucky Day storybook is live! 

Search throughout Lore for the lost Emerald Keys to help out Lukkhi! A locked chest has been driving him crazy! If you can unlock it, whatever is inside is yours! (He gets to keep the chest.)

For those of you uninterested in hunting, Cysero was seen with some emeralds... he'll probably be able to help you out later this weekend!

DragonFable Lucky Hunt

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March 09, 2016

(Late) Tuesday with Tomix!

Hey Hi Hello.

Today I wanted to show you four things...

The helm I'm working on (for the Lucky Day):

The Ultimate Helm of EverLuck!

(Can you find all of the luck symbols?)


The weapon Dracelix is working on (Lucky Day as well):


And some NPCs that I've made recently:

Tags: Dracelix Lucky Day Tomix

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March 14, 2014

Purple Day!

San Robin's latest quest is now live! Catch up on past Lucky Days and then delve into the mystery of the Purple sneevilchauns!

The ChronoZ armor is now up for DragonLord testing through the Book of Lore! 

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March 15, 2013

Lucky 13!

Chapter 6 of the Lucky Day Storybook is now live! This year has a simple quest, with you trying to stop those tricky Sneevilchaun's and their gilding of the monsters deep in Surewould! Make sure to explore the forest too, because you're not the only one trying to stop them! If you're starting to feel a little... slow, you might want to know who else is fighting in the forest and what they can do for you... ;)

Treasure Chests are also hidden as quest drops all over the game! These mysterious chests will open on Monday but, if you don't feel like joining in on the hunt, you can make your own luck and buy them in Chapter 6!

Note: More items will get into the gold and DC shops in Chapter 6 tonight! Just wanted to get you guys hunting....

Tags: geopetal Lucky Day

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March 13, 2013

Lucky Day

This weekend is the Lucky Day celebration!

The Lucky Day Storybook is now live in your Book of Lore for you to replay through past years celebrations!

This year's release will be simpler, a quest and a treasure hunt, so that we can continue with Sulen'Eska next week but Dracelix has made some amazing things for you to hunt down! Are there any classic DF items you guys would like him to hit with the golden touch for you to hunt down?

Like, oh say, this request from Razen? ;)

Tags: geopetal Lucky Day

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March 23, 2012

Are you Lucky Enough?

The war is heating up but will you guys defeat all the waves in time to beat the War Challenge? If you guys get to 100% before midnight the Rainbow Saber will yours!

The war also has two unique boss fights, each with their own rewards! The Lucky stone set and the Au'Bacon set (which has a special that debuffs your enemy!).

Pellow Village
New shops have opened in one of the buildings in Pellow Village, provided you've opened the Gate. Kajap is offering the new Ravenloss House and several brand new Ravenloss inspired items. The Soulweraver, Nicklos, has a full set of Weaver gear availble as well! Dracelix has been hard at work on these items!

Tomix has been working feverishly on the higher level version of the base classes. Check out Riftwalker

Tags: Lucky Day War Challenge geopetal Pellow Village RiftWalker

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March 21, 2012

A Call to Arms!

From Eric Greydawn:

Baron Au’Mydas is slowly but surely losing this war, but the heroes of Lore need your help!    You are making great progress on the war, but time is running short.  You have asked for a challenge, and as usual, ask and ye shall receive!  Dracelix has created the rainbow lightsaber as a reward IF you reach 100% by midnight Friday night.  Ghost is hard at work on cutscenes, and True Mortal is working on another weapon set even now.  Good luck!

Click the green part of the hilt!

Pellow Village
New shops will be coming to the village this Friday as well! Dracelix has created an amazing Soulweaver inspired set that will now be available! There will also be two new Ravenloss inspired houses and house items!

Weaver's Belongings

Tags: Pellow Village War Challenge Lucky Day geopetal

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March 16, 2012

Lucky Day!

Eric Greydawn brings this years Lucky Day holiday release! In it we see the return of Baron Au'Mydas who has had some help escaping from prison and getting back his golden kiss!

Ghost has brought Eric's cutscenes to life and also created some awesome new stone DC weapons! Dracelix has made some rich new furnishings for your homes and True Mortal is back and has made an awesome stone weapon set for the boss fight! 

Tags: Lucky Day geopetal

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March 07, 2012

The Blue Mage...

This week we'll be visiting the Swordhaven of the past again! Warlic is stuck in Swordhaven as a teenager and he's angst-y, but how did he come to be there? The Blue Mage definitely has a chip on his shoulder and isn't as in control of his powers as he'd like to be....

Lucky Day!
Eric Greydawn is hard at work on this year's Lucky Day story! He's asking on the Forums what you guys would like to see! I vote for more fightin' Sneevish!

There be spoilers ahead, highlight at your own risk!
An image is coming through the rift... something to do with the end of Chapter 2....

Tags: Swordhaven Alexander Lucky Day geopetal

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