Thursday, December 17, 2015

Living in Lore

So, Captain Rhubarb is amazing and, in the last few months, he has made some fixes to the super secret database and to server widgets and things and it is now waaaaay easier to create house and house item shops (trust me, it... was not a fun process prior to Captain's heroics in the chaos of the Server Maelstrom).


1) If you could live anywhere in Lore where would it be? (i.e. what house backgrounds are we missing?)

2) What existing items do you totally want to steal for your house? (i.e. what stuff, that exists already and will fit in your house, do you want available for your house?) (i.e. part duex... no, you can't have Tomix!#sterngeo)

3) Realizing that houses themselves are actually pretty complex and take a long time to set up, what style of house has your hero always wanted to live in but hasn't been able to? (super important note: please note, with extra notes, that setting up a house is pretty complex and takes a long time. Then copy those notes and tape them where you can see them while replying to this question. ;o )