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November 14, 2015

War Update!

Whoa! 41%! You guys are rocking this!

Also, you guys are tooootally going faster than poor Tomix can animate... the mid-war cutscene might end up being the 75% cutscene at this rate (not to mention the war ending cutscene). Maybe Valtrith has some reinforcements lying around somewhere... /geopanic


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November 13, 2015

The Dark Night

The sky has gone red and a dark fog has risen in the woods by the Bay. Falconreach and Oaklore are under siege! Log in now and fight to defend your hometown!

A War Challenge has been issued! If you can defeat Jaysun's army before 6pm EST on Friday, November 20th, you'll get access to your very own war-torn Clan Valtrith mask to equip! Seriously, nothing would drive Jaysun more crazy than to see the symbol of his clan worn by someone he found "undeserving".

New Elemental Unity and Medal Cannon trinkets and Defender/Dragon Defender Belts have been added to the appropriate shops!

DragonFable The Dark Night Friday the 13th

Moved Quests
Corundum Corruption is now located in Book 3 Ash Dragonblade's letters section! Loremaster Oruni... well, for now she's disappeared! She'll reappear someplace... dark this weekend.

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November 12, 2015

Facing the Darkness

The 13th is tomorrow... are you prepared to face the darkness? Will you be able to trust the soldiers of The Rose who are facing the rising shadows by your side? Or will your battle with The Rose ensure that Jaysun and Caitiff have plenty of vessels to try and bring further Doom to Lore?

DragonFable Dark Night on Friday the 13th

Tags: Fridaythe13 Jaysun Caitiff TheRose geopetal

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August 15, 2015

Soul Scrying

After all your exploration and discovery in the Deadlands it's time to find out what is happening right now with Caitiff and the cultists! You'll need to find an old "friend" to get some answers and their help with spying into the Shadows!

Be very careful though... enough mistakes and you'll get... it's attention.

DragonFable Soul Scrying

Book 3 Dracolich Fishing
If you have a Dragon Amulet you can now fish off the crashed dracolich in Book 3! We really, really, really, really, really, really, do NOT reccomend that your character eat any fish that have grown up and lived in waters where darkness infused monsters have been decaying for several years.

Note: Some of the fish really like you and stick in your aquarium if you've completed the Book 1 fishing already. We're trying to track down why they love you so much and will hopefully find out on Monday.

Tags: Fridaythe13 Caitiff geopetal

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August 13, 2015

Scrying in the Shadows

You've found out about Serenity's past life as Dyana, Jaysun's Shadow Cape, the bloody history of the warlod Valtrith clan, and the Cultist massacre at Castle Nostromo by the Void Queen. Now, you need to find out how the Cult survived and thrived after waking Dyana, why Dyana ended up in Falconreach to start a new life as Serenity, and what Caitiff has been doing after Jaysun took that life from Serenity. You'll also need to track down an old... friend to answer a few questions about wars long past.

Be very careful, though, you'll need to use all your concentration to scry using those Darkness runes. When you peer into the shadows, one mistake, and a Shadow might peer back at you.

Warning: This quest may be too scary for those that suffer from heart conditions, asthma, or any type of mental, physical, or respiratory problems!

Tags: Fridaythe13 Caitiff geopetal

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August 01, 2015

Castle Nostromo

Finally, nothing remains!

The ancestral home of the Valtrith Clan is enormous, with 54 rooms for you to explore as you try to hunt down whatever it is that is now using Nostromo as it's lair.... there are mouseovers throughout the castle with more information, two chests with new belts to find, and a brand new helm for you to loot if you can defeat the current tenant!

There's only one thing in Castle Nostromo that can take any of your party out, and it's big. You have two choices, you can play as Symone and search the Castle for the perfect weapon to deal with the monster that's playing cat and mouse with you... or you can stick with the Hero and Valencia to learn more about Jaysun and sister Dyana!

As Symone hunts through the castle make sure to pay very close attention to your surroundings! It just might help you survive the night.... 

Just remember to watch your step and that some spots are more dangerous than others....

DragonFable Castle Nostromo

A huge thank you to the MechQuest team, Maegwyn, and Ashendal, and the AQW team and Alina for their help with additional art for this quest!

Tags: Fridaythe13 Valtrith Serenity Symone Valencia geopetal

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July 30, 2015

What Remains

DragonFable Nostromo

Tags: Fridaythe13 Valtrith geopetal

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July 29, 2015


You and your friends have climbed up from the depths of the Valtrith Tomb but you haven't made your escape just yet... 

In the depths of the Wastelands, on the peak of a lonely mountain, lies the ruins of Castle Nostromo, the ancestral home of the Valtrith Clan, now long abandoned... or is it? Something... pure, survives. Something unclouded by conscience, absent remorse, and without any delusions of morality. 

You are not alone.

Are you going to be the hunter or the hunted?

Tags: Fridaythe13 Valtrith Symone Valencia geopetal

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August 09, 2010

Early release this week!

Hi guys!

I bet you know what THIS week is, right?  We are SO excited about AQWorlds Friday the 13th event.  It's going to be amazing!  (There's been so much voice acting, I'm hearing our NPC voices in my sleep!)  We've even been helping the AQWorlds team a bit with some of the ideas.  I know Lim sat in on the planning meeting, and Rolith and I gave the final script a good going-over for additional ideas. 

Because their event is going to be so huge, we want to be sure to have time to help them with any problems that might pop up (like zombies rising from the grave! Time to dual-wield chainsaws, gogogo!).  But don't worry, that doesn't mean WE aren't going to have releases this week!

Oh, did you see what I did there?  I used "releases" instead of "release" because we're having TWO of them this week!  I am pretty sure I saw Geopetal slip two MORE energy drinks into Rolith's energy-smoothie.  And then there was something about Rolith getting so angry (ROLITH SMASH) about things not working that he'd be going home and throwing cats.  I was laughing too hard to hear properly, but I'm pretty sure that's what was said.*

Rolith: Proponent of exercising with your pets whenever you can!

But on to news about OUR release, hmmm?  We are for sure going to have a release on Wednesday!  But I'm for sure not going to say WHAT it is, because if I do, it will spoil the surprise for Friday the 13.  You didn't think we'd let our excitement over the AQWorlds event prevent US from doing something, did you?  Ludicrous!  We would never and will never miss a Friday the 13!  It's TRADITION! (Does anyone else picture a hefty man in farmer's clothing dancing and singing while playing a fiddle?)

Friday will see something truly special coming to DragonFable, something that will start a chain reaction the likes of which you (and we) have never seen before in the game!  Not to get you too hyped up or anything... Oh, who am I kidding, I TOTALLY am!  Because WE are excited about this Friday, too! Ohboyohboyohboy!

Best Buy promotion goes live!
We have some exciting news for you if you live near a Best Buy store!  Aug 8 - Aug 21 will see a 10% discount on our Artix Entertainment game cards - they'll be sold for only $17.95!  You can use them to upgrade ANY Artix Entertainment game! And not only that, you'll get the awesome (and exclusive) Best Buy scythe!  This weapon is ONLY given to players who Upgrade their account using an AE GameCard purchased from Best Buy.

If you're enjoying our games (and we really hope you are!), then this is a great way to show your support for our (continually growing) team of friendly game developers! 

See you Wednesday! 

* No, Rolith does not THROW his cats.  He BENCHPRESSES them.  It's much more pet-friendly, and the kitties LOVE it!  They purr while he counts presses. No joke, I've seen him do it.

PS: I have BIG plans for the next Nythera quest.  BIGGER THAN I THOUGHT! So we won't be releasing the next Nythera quest this week.  With everything else going on this week, there will be more than enough stuff for you guys to do, and I'll get to really have fun with the quest. It will release NEXT week.

Tags: Alina Fridaythe13 AQWorlds Kitties

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