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September 21, 2018

The Bizarre Bazaar!

The release is live!

This week, the Hero returns to Grandiflora and the Branden Quarter!

After finding the compass of one's of Grandiflora's soldiers, Lansezeur, you've finally begun to follow the trail. Problem is, it stops cold right there: there's nothing that might point the way forwards and it seems like another dead end otherwise...

But Grandiflora's memory has been jogged by the finding of Lansezeur's compass. According to him, there was something: An open market they ran by while falling back and Lansezeur had been the one to spot it. A slightly eerie and disconcerning place, full of empty stalls and rotten food.

It seems odd. It would seem a bit much of a coincidence for the compass to be a clue to seeking the bazaar of the paupers of Branden. Odd as it may be however, it is your only trail to follow at the moment. Find the Bizarre Bazaar of the Branden Quarter and hope for the best, Hero.



And that's about the extent of my pirate speak...

Celebrate Talk like a Pirate Day this week by heading over to any sea encounter in the Pale Sea and the Pasgur Ocean and try your luck finding the Navigator's Hat arrrtifact!

It has a low drop chance, but when equipped, it gives you a new, spiffy attire for your pirate class!

However, if you don't want to look for the booty, you can always buy the arrrtifact from your Book of Lore! It'll be available until 28th of September, so grab it while it's hot, because after the shop is gone, the arrrtifact is going to only be available via the encounters!

Not only that, but the 20% extra gold and experience points from battles event is still going on until next Friday!

Hey there, heroes!

Verlyrus here with some news on the Epoch class. Epoch progress is progessing! We're doing a lot of really cool, complicated, mechanics for this class that are a ton of fun to strategize and play with- unfortunately, this also means that it's taking a little bit longer to create and test. But it's still being worked on, and it should be ready for testing soon!

Also, a few general balance changes:

  • Guardian and Evolved Pumpkin Lord one-shot skills no longer work if the enemy has more than half of your HP. Instead, they will do a large amount of damage. To compensate for this, the activation chance on those skills has been increased to 10% up from 1%.
  • Damage Boost less than -100 no longer causes attacks to heal the target. Instead, damage is limited to a minimum of 0.

We hope you'll enjoy this week's release!

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June 22, 2018

Creepy Crawlies

Good Friday everyone!

Tomix and Verly have been working on some other projects over the past few days. Some progress has been done on Epoch’s animations!

This week, you’ll be going back to Grandiflora to give him another hand looking for his missing soldiers. You haven’t had any luck on the northern side of the Branden Quarter so now you will try by the south. Be careful though! Lots of icky, creeper crawlies are to be had so thread carefully and make sure not to get swarmed by the many-legged while on your search. Good luck and don’t forget to take some down time after your excursion! Grandiflora doesn’t mind having a little chat.

Cheers and happy questing

Hey there, Heroes!

Verlyrus here- This week, I've been spending time tracking down bugs and preparing DragonFable for the Artix Games Launcher! The Artix Games Launcher is a project that I am personally very excited for- it will allow you to play DragonFable and other AE games without using a web browser!

Read more about it and download the Alpha Test (May be buggy!) here.

Bug Fixes:

Fixed: Weakness seeking now properly ignores non-damage resistances

  • Weakness seekign skills used to target Health and Immobility resistances. My quick fix unfortunately made it so that if an enemy had All resistance > lowest resistance, listed after their lowest resistance, it would target the All resistance and do untyped damage. This has been fixed. All resistance is no longer considered in weakness seeking.

Fixed: Dragon Mage's Dragon Fire now counts toward Dragon's Tempest.

Fixed: Ruby now only sells her food to heroes with Dragon Amulets.

  • Ruby's food was only usable by DragonLords. However, other than Hardtack and Seaweed, it was still purchasable by all players. As the food is only usable by DragonLords, all of Ruby's food can now only be bought if you have a Dragon Amulet.

Fixed: Improved Character Loading

  • For a while now, there has been an issue with some of the loading when loading a character in the game. Sometimes, players may have encountered a greyed out screen that prevented them from interacting with anything. This has been resolved, and should no longer appear.

Fixed: Decadere Eldest no longer has NaN resistance

Fixed: Skull Crusher Blaster now does proper damage and has had bugged non-applying effects removed.

Fixed: The DragonFable Friends trinket has had its damage reduced by 66%. It was simply way too powerful, and if left alone, would have skewed balance very poorly toward it being a rare item.

Fixed: Manaphages have had their damage reduced significantly.

Known issues:

Character pages are currently not functioning correctly. Saved Dragon and Player colors are not loading properly. The cause and fix are known, but may take some time to be resolved. Thanks for your patience and sorry for the inconvenience.

Dragon Mage projectiles stick on close enemies. This bug is very odd, and I am still not entirely sure of the cause, or a fix for it. I am still working on this, though.


There's only one week left to pick up an Anniversary Scythe, and to also purchase Dragon Coins and recieve 50% more free! Get them while you can!

Join us on the forums to discuss this week's release, And all things DragonFable!

Join the discussion on the official forums!

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