Monday, June 14, 2010

Roses are red, violets are blue...

It's Monday today and there's so much to do!
Hi guys! It's Monday again! First thing on my agenda each Monday morning is making up a To-Do List for the week, and then dividing the work into days. I thought I'd share some snippets from my list for this week with you all!

Alina's To Do List for the week of June 14

  • Add in lines to cutscene about Void to explain its nature
  • Meeting with Ghost
  • Meeting with Tomix
  • Meeting with Geopetal about brand-new secret surprise gift
  • Meeting with Lim about Father's Day weapons
  • Talk to Rolith about addition to list of birthday gifts for this week
  • Fix Ghost tog pets coloring/animation issue
  • Upload Tomix's weapons
  • Monday Design Notes


  • Work on Nythera quest file for this week
  • Edit Ravenloss town file for the new card shop
  • Work on the birthday gift for this week
  • This week's Falconreach town file


  • Dive into the database. Come out with 26 new item entries.
  • More database work! Father's Day items in DB.
  • Write the DragonFable newsletter
  • Work on the map for next week's Nythera
  • Cutscene for next week's Nythera
  • Work on secret project. Ask Galanoth when we can announce it.
  • Sneak Peek Design Notes (come up with SOMETHING for this!)


  • To be determined
  • Anything that comes up
  • Surprises
  • Unexpected additions to the list


  • Miscellaneous release work
  • Testing my quest
  • Testing geopetal's quest
  • Friday Design Notes
  • Icecream or sushi. Or both!

As you can see from this behind the scenes look at a week on the DragonFable team, Mondays are full of meetings and plannings and pre-work getting ready for the rest of the week. Tuesday is a Flash-heavy work day where I'm in and out of the Flash program (and hoping it doesn't crash on me!). Wednesday I usually create whatever anyone needs in the database. This week there are at LEAST 25 new items coming out! I also try to work ahead on the next week on Wednesday and Thursday. Thursday is a hodge-podge of a work day. Surprises often happen, where people come and say "Hey, can you do this by Friday?" And Friday? Friday is a FRANTIC day full of testing and Design Notes and Rolith throwing bananas at Lim. I love Fridays! And bananas.

What's coming THIS week!
We have a TON of new stuff for you this week. A whole BUNCH of new things, including quests, presents, weapons, helms... SO much for you to do and see and buy! It should be a great week!

We'll have the FIRST quest in the Vilmor Saga! If you haven't checked out the new layout in DragonsGrasp yet, you won't have met the newest NPC there, Lestrad. He and Doyle have some really important information to share with you; details you'll NEED to know for the storyline. So make sure you talk to them!

The second Nythera Saga quest will also release this week! You'll meet a brand-new NPC, who is much more than he appears to be. You'll learn more about the Void, including some things that Warlic DIDN'T know! There will be battles and information and new Wind weapons releasing from the Nythera quest this week!

The suits of cards in this shop will look VERY sweet!

A completely new, unexpected, VERY sweet Card Shoppe is coming to Ravenloss! It will be run by Ellial, a CardMaster! She's got 18 new weapons, two capes, and four new helms in stock for you! All are based on different suits of playing cards (Hearts, Clubs, Spades, and Diamonds)! She'll also have some super stat-raising trinkets for you, sold for gold to DragonLords! Some of her helms will sell for Dragon Coins, too! (She must have a deal going on with Cysero.)

And last but not least... Birthday presents!!! We've got a 3-part gift for you this week! Three smaller things, but things that you've been wanting for a while. One of them is color-custom! Try to guess which!!

Daisies are white, carnations are pink...
So head to the forums, and tell us what you think! About the information in the Design Notes, that is! Also, be sure to wish Ghost a very Happy Birthday by posting in this thread!

See you on the forums, Twitter, and Facebook!

P.S. - Head to the AdventureQuest Worlds Design Notes to read all about Cysero's wedding!

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