Friday, June 28, 2019

Reimagined: Book of Lore!

Hey there, heroes!

While Verlyrus is on vacation, Dracelix and I have prepared for you an update to the Book of Lore interface!

Check out your hero's new, shiny and streamlined journal! (Your hero has obviously discarded their old journal, meaning that they had to rewrite every... single... thing... into this new book, from scratch. Such dedication!)

Dracelix has also planned to rework some other parts of the UI, but that's for another day. For now, please enjoy this new Book of Lore! (or Quest Log, whatever ruffles your truffles)

I have also fixed some things (if you can believe this) and added some other stuff:

  • Draco in Falconreach (Book 3) can now appear in the form you have grown them into
  • Two new hairstyles have been added to Cana, in the Inn at the Edge of Time
  • Lots of notifications have been added to the Monastery quest walkaround (and battles as well!)
  • You can now escape Dove, when talking to him about quests (as much as I love to have you around, I am allowing you to leave my radiant presence)

Aaaand that's all!

Have fun and have a pleasant weekend!



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