Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Interrupted THREE times just while writing this

So, today was a fun day. I got in the office fairly early, said "Hello" to those who had managed to beat me to the Lab. Alina reminded me that I was supposed to share my to-do list with you today too.

Then, well, before I could pour a cup of coffee the wall of interruptions washed over me.

Zazul's internets were clogged. Maegwyn needed access to something. Warlic and I were talking about two entirely two different problems on a project we're both working on (If you're both working on a project together, it's a good idea to be working on the SAME project). Safiria wanted updates on my progress on various behind-the-scenes projects. The shop Alina was working on was blackscreening. Lim's pet was, well, Lim's new pet had some behavioral problems that resulted in some funny animations involving accidental monster dance parties. (That last bit may or may not have happened, but it's funnier to imagine than me having to go line by line in Actionscript to fix a freezing bug.)

Needless to say, it's now pushing past 4pm, and the number one item on my to-do list, hop on here and write a quick design notes post, is left undone. Let's fix that shall we?

I don't think I'll bother posting the to-do list, as it exploded in a crater after today's many, many, many, MANY distractions.

My to-do list was here.

But what I will do is let you guys know that the plans to go ahead in DragonsGrasp will be put off one additional week; Geo and Ghost are both hard at work on the big event for DragonLords this summer (the Vilmor Saga is going to be BIG), but they want to do it right so they're going to take the extra time and make it even better!

One nice thing about having so many projects going on is that we are able to make up for delays like this with a little creativity and lots of overtime. That said, along with the next Nythera quest, the DragonLord presents (yes, plural, and no you guys don't know all of what's coming), and the RavenLoss card shop, we'll be releasing another quest in the Hunter's Paradise zone.

There's some other projects I'm working on, but if today's lessons taught me anything, it's best to keep in mind the clock's hands and make sure I get things done instead of explaining how awesome they're going to be. (But oh man, they're going to be so awesome!)

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