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The month of DF birthday gifts continues

It's party time for DragonLords!
Party over here! Raise the (thatch) roof! DragonLords have THREE new birthday gifts this week to continue the month-long birthday celebration!

The first of the gifts are upgraded DragonLord weapons! You might remember finding the DragonLord's Loss, DragonLord's Prize, or Staff of the DragonLord as a low-level character. They were level 1 weapon which have had new levels made! You can now talk to Lim in his Falconreach Weapon shop to access the DragonLord weapon shop! It has levels 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, and 60!

Mmm. Not a lie!

Cysero also has a gift for you in his Superstore of Savings! You can purchase levels of the Mirrored DragonLord Helm from him and, even better, they're all color-customizable! We know you've been asking for this one, so happy birthday! (You probably want to take your helm off before eating any cake. When frosting dries on armor, it takes forever to get it polished again!)

And last but not least, visit the Armor Paint Fairy at the portal in Falconreach to check out the new colors you can paint your armor! We have many new colors for you to choose from, both lighter and darker shades! From reds to purples, blues and greens, and especially shades of brown for you rogues who want more choices of leather-looking colors!

DragonMage raging!
We've got the second quest in the new Nythera Saga ready for you this week! Nythera wants her magic and she's NOT just going to sit back and let Warlic tell her she's not ready to handle it!

Together can they find someone to help Nythera?

Play as Nythera as she heads to Sunbreeze Grove to get some help from more dragon-friendly people! Surely THEY will be able to help her, right? And if they don't know how to, well, SOMEone must know what Nythera needs to do in order to get her magic back! And Nythera is bound and determined to find them!

An unexpected trip lands her in hot water, though, and you're going to have to stay on your toes and keep from getting blasted if you want to ever get Nythera's magic back!

Silver weapons drop from the Nythera quest this week in levels 53, 43, and 33!

  • Elucidas' Mithril Sword, Dagger, and Staff
  • Elucidas' Platinum Sword, Dagger, and Staff
  • Elucidas' Silver Sword, Dagger, and Staff

The hunt is on!
Head to the Hunter's Paradise Inn and talk to Karina to begin hunting the cave-dwelling troglomite! You'll know you've found it when you find yourself drawfed by a pile of fur and eyes! Oh, and it wants to eat you!

Can you imagine the hairballs this thing makes?!

You'll be able to talk to use the Troglomite Eyes and Troglomite Pelts which drop from the quest in Teral's merge shop to create a wide assortment of items!

The Card Shoppe is open for business!
Be sure to make your way underground and go exploring in Ravenloss. A new shop has opened in this almost-deserted city. For unknown reasons, the CardMasters (a group of adventurers who love risks and taking chances!) are looking to raise some gold to fund their expeditions and they're willing to sell YOU some of their extra gear!

You'll find helms, capes, trinkets, and weapons in Ellial the CardMaster's shops! The weapons are in levels 14, 24, 34, 44, and 54. The trinkets are all level 50 to account for the high amount of stats they raise.

  • Hearts series: fire element
  • Clubs series: stone element
  • Spades series: water element
  • Diamonds series: wind element
  • Ace of Heart trinket: 6 crit, 4 bonus, 5 dodge, Ice 10
  • Ace of Clubs trinket: 4 crit, 6 bonus, 5 dodge, Wind 10
  • Ace of Spades trinket: 10 END, 5 dodge, Energy 10
  • Ace of Diamonds trinket: 10 WIS, 5 dodge, Stone 10

Father's Day shop is here!
Father's Day is this Sunday! Does YOUR dad play DragonFable? (My dad's a MechQuest fan.) If he does- or even if he doesn't, we've got some GREAT weapons for you to celebrate just how awesome your dad is! And whether or not he's a master BBQ-tician, these grillicious weapons will be sure to put him in the perfect mood for a Father's Day cookout!

  • Dad's Meat Mallet Mace I, II, III, IV, V
  • Dad's BBQ Fork Daggers I, II, III, IV, V
  • Dad's Spatula Wand I, II, III, IV, V

And for MY father, I just wanted to say: I love you, dad! I hope you can take a break from running barbed wire around the new pasture on Sunday! And thanks for never using grillware as weaponry in REAL life, though I have a sneaking suspicion you've already considered doing so.

Some help with next week's birthday gifts!
Next week is the LAST week of DragonFable birthday gifts, and there will be something for both DragonLords AND free players! For the DragonLord gift, Rolith could use your help. Specifically, he could use your opinions. He's created a poll and he'd like YOU to answer it. Find it on the forum here!

Have a great weekend and happy Father's Day to all the dads out there!

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