Monday, June 21, 2010

Another big week coming at you!

We'd better get to work!
It's the final week of DragonFable's birthday celebration, and we're going to go out with a BANG! We've got a present for non-DragonLords AND a present for DragonLords!

Have you every wondered what your egg choice meant when you first did the Dragon Egg Saga? After 3 years of waiting, this week you'll find out! Khelios is coding that part of the birthday surprise while Rolith works on the other half of the DragonLord gift.

Lim is making the non-DragonLord gift (possibly as we speak. He looks like he's concentrating pretty hard over at the other end of the table...).

Release news about this week's quest!
This week in addition to the birthday presents, we'll be having two brand-new quests! The first DragonsGrasp quest will finally be released and the third Nythera quest is coming, as well! Are you ready to get a glimpse of Vilmor* and see Nythera's reaction to Elysia's sacrifice?

* If you read this and thought "new minigame!" you were right!**
** At least, that's the plan! Mondays are full of plans!

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PS - The Color Custom DragonLord helm has been adjusted so that the eyes will match the color of your trim. That fix will roll later this week!

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