Genuinly Defeated

Monday, August 16, 2010

What?!?! 50% Already?!?!

At about 3 this afternoon I realized I wasn’t going to beat you guys to 50%.  Bah.

Oh well, turnabout’s fair play.  And if you’re smart you’d be counting the number of Thursdays in your months from now on.

But to reward you for your epic defeat I've sent in the Togs, and taken care of 1000 of the zards for you in one fell swoop!

Still, your present is now ready!  The Zard Hunter, Irwin, has had no shortage of Zard Meat, and while helping to organize the war he has taken to experimenting with various preparations of Zards. 

Zard Head Soup.

Talking to him at the war camp will reward you with a plethora of choices of food which can be purchased for a single Defender’s Medal.  (That’s right, you will be trading in Defender’s Medals for food!) One DM per food item.

Just a warning (and you will be warned in game too) food items are ALWAYS temporary items, and will be lost whenever you log out. Food bonuses will continue to only apply to one battle, of course.  So keep that in mind when trading in DMs for them.  You might have better things to do with your hard earned medals.

Oh, and if you check the war camp shop (that little treasure chest next to Irwin) you’ll find a new trinket.  5 hits at 30% damage on various enemies.  Might make those swarms of zards fall just a bit faster.  Available NOW for DCs. 

And the elusive protozard has now started rearing it's ugly head!

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