Monday, October 31, 2011

The ChickenCows are Restless...

In the twilight darkness of the Croft woods nothing... living... stirs. The woods are silent except for the hero breathing. A full moon grins crazily overhead. Then... a shuffle... a groan...

The infected are coming!

How will you fight off their legions? Tomix has created a special Zardbie themed scythe for tonight's creepy Limited Quanity Shop! At 6pm, EST, 2000 of these infectiously, horrifyingly cool scythes will be available for 400 Dragon Coins each.

Extremely, grossly awesome!

War! What is it good for?!
It's been a long weekend in Croft. Not only did you have to fight off hoardes of zombies but you all also had to Trick or Treat to get the cure out (and get access to all those spooky new masks from Tomix and True Mortal /cough). Getting candy seems to win out over defense though.... ;)

And so a wild challenge appears! Can you finish this war by Friday? Or will the zardbie waves prove too much?! New Defender Medal items will be added during the course of the week and, if you can defeat all the waves and unlock the boss by Friday, midnight*, then there might just be tiny Zardbified Gorillaphant and ChickenCow pets in it for you! If not... well, the infection will be cured by the Sisters!

*EST, of course!