Thursday, December 10, 2015

Winter Cleaning

I did a bit of winter cleaning this week and have refreshed the Final 13th town!

The original was just a biiiiiit button heavy.... /cough

DragonFable Final 13th Buttons

Now, the main screen for the epic season long war finale for Chapter 1 is no longer overwhelmed with ovals of red!

DragonFable Final 13th
Less buttons! Also, fancy candles!

As you work your way through the Final 13th, Elysia's background changes to match the quest groups! Also, I'm happy to say that the Necrotic Generals are once again on the attack! 

Wait... is that good? I mean, on one hand, they're crazed undead Necromancers who are super upset you took out all thier minions and want to fight you, on the other... you do get the chance to beat them up again!