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Friday, April 8, 2011


So, let's go through the list of things that happened causing this week's release to be in the state it is currently.

I was not suppsoed to work basically at all this week. I was planning on taking vacation but I'm more then DragonFable's code monkey (I was brought on to the AE team orignally as a webcoder, after all and only got put on the DF team after I blundered into the Mogloween release before MQ came out) and some behind the scenes work came up and I ended up working the second half of the week.

This left little time for me to get ahead on the DF release, but that wasn't a big deal. We've done every part of this week's release before in other quests. Never together, mind you, but each part has been done before, so while there was a boatload of work for Geo and Ghost to do, assembling the final parts of it shouldn't have been that big of a deal. Right? Right.

It was a big deal. I do belive every single component broke in this release. The cutscnes? Wern't advancing right. The Fae class/guest code? Broke and missing some skills that we wanted to go in (I'll see what I can do about getting them in over the weekend, small consolation as that might be.) Moving monsters? Well, you see the occasional sticking one? Well all of them were doing that. The amazing thing is? They're all running the same exact code. So as to why some are sticking and others aren't NO idea.  What's even more stateling is that this code hasn't changed, at all, in over 3 years since Lymcrest was fixed and revisited.  Geo's used it several times to no ill effect, but apparently Flash decided it didn't like it anymore and broke it.  Scaling on monsters didn't work, and while that's not exaclty unheard of, the reason for is (too long to go into details here...) compleatly backwards and shouldn't be wrong.  *sigh*

So, while this release ended up pretty awesome, and the animations on Fae

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