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Thursday, May 12, 2011

Potions in Motion: Preparing for War!

Fire Dousing Draught? Check. (We're DEFINITELY going to need this one.)
Light-emitting Liquid? Got it. (That should come in handly...)
Potion of Inscrutable Mutation? Oooooh YEAH! (Who's going to turn the undead into a cute lil' fluffy BUNNIES? This alchemist!)

Standing in front of her shop, Alina takes a quick inventory of the potions in her belt-pouch. Just in case... trouble... should arise. When all the tonics, brews, and cordials are accounted for, she gazes over the land around her. Birdsong fills the air as sunlight filters down onto the newly mown grass which has finally fully re-grown. She frowns, an inner monologue turning the pleasant day dark:

Falconreach is starting to look SO nice! There've been so many improvements, and the construction moglins are finally able to take lunchbreaks again. If only the calendar wasn't such an accurate predictor of invasions! I HATE to think that in a little over a day, troops of skeletons and doom-dwellers will come marching into our fair city.


Not again.

We CAN'T let them destroy our home again.

Alina knocks on the Mayor's door, peeks in, and snorts in disgust to see him sleeping amidst gold coins piled high all over his desk. We really MUST do something about him, she thinks. Backing away and heading for the center of town, Alina uses a Boom-Voice Brew to call in the surrounding townspeople, then climbs onto an over-turned box and looks down. They gather around her, faces upturned, anticipatory dread clouding their expressions.

"Citizens of Falconreach, residents of LORE! Heroes, hark unto me!

Are you willing to let our homes- our LIVES- be destroyed again? Do you want to see Falconreach in flames, reduced to one lone board again?

You KNOW what is heading for us. WHO is coming our way. I say we can rise up and drive him back! Together we are a force of Nature, stronger than any who would oppose us with mere skeletons and constructs and golems. We CAN triumph!

Warriors- hone your weapons!
Rogues- scout for advance invaders!
Mages- ready your energies to take out his troops!

And you. You story-tellers and song-singers, dancers of dreams, and weavers of imagination- spread the word. Rally the people! Use your gifts of art and song and tales to inflame the hearts of those who are too afraid to face what is coming.

Go. He is coming and we must prepare.

Sepulchure is almost here."

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