Thursday, June 16, 2011

Howl at the Moon!

True Mortal and Eric Greydawn have been busy, busy, busy! They've collaborated together to create the frigid War Wolf Set which will be available for Defender's Medals this Friday! 

Icy and Sharp!

If you like the look of this set, inspired by True Mortal's Spirit Companion, Thorn, matching pieces to make a full set are in the works!

Doesn't work for Noobie Snacks....

Keep in mind that the helm is still a work in progress and still a while off from being a quest reward.

War Games
Eric is also hard at work at repurposing a few of the great mini-games used in war past. Sogger and Elemental Camp will soon be teeming with undead for you to slaughter! What other mini-games would you guys like to see for the final stretch of DragonFable's biggest war? (Kessel Run? ;o Huh? Huuuuuh?)

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