Sunday, December 27, 2015

Twigsmas Boss!

The Boss Fight is finally here! Twig's jwealouswy got the best of him this year and he set out to make his bestest fwend ever! And... in the process, let loose an avalanche of ice cream on the poor town of Frostvale! Twig has finally succeeded in making his masterpiece... but can you really take out the poor little guys bestest fwend ever?!

The Frostval 2015 presents and town will open on Friday! Hopefully, you'll find a way to make up to little dude before then!

Note: There might totally be a giant Twig during a certain part of the boss quest... after a weekend of flash crashes, file corruptions, and holiday family dramas, it totally made us laugh soooo we left it!

Tags: #geopetal