Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Tuesdays With Tomix!

This week Tomix has a preview of one of the Chapter 3 refreshed NPCs! Just who is this dashing guy? (No, it's not Tomix!)

Truely Honored Contest!
Results from Melissa4Bella:

This contest was created to honor True Mortals recovery and return to DragonFable. However, over the course of viewing all of the entries, deciding, sorting and everything involved with this contest - it is obvious that the artistic talents of the AE Community also needed to be honored. A massive thank you to all of the players who entered. You made this contest fun and really showed support for True Mortal through your art and you all deserved recognition. Well done!

Now, let's get to the good stuff!

Grand Prize3,000 DC's
Forum Name: flamingknight11

Melissa: I like how he chose to use colors sparingly, really gives the focus to TM.
TM: Love the composition of the whole piece, and the pose TM is in. It's also nicely colored, without adding too much details.
Eric: Nice lines... Excellent use of shading. The interpretation of the theme of TM vs giant metal monster is well done.
AlphaAtom (AA): The way that the shading so accurately renders the different textures in the piece is whatreally makes this piece great for me.

Second Place: 1,500 DC's
Forum Name: Zanpaku-to

Melissa: One of the few "action" poses, Thorn snarling is a good touch.
TM: I like the dynamic pose and the style me and Thorn are drawn in. It gives a certain kind of energy to the picture.
Eric: An interesting interpretation of TM. A good action pose. It's got a comic book feel.
AA: Despite the lack of colour, this piece shows excellent detail, and the action pose ties it all together nicely.

Third Place500 DC's
Forum Name: ergotth

Melissa: So many details and intricate lines!
TM: Yes, basically it's a clean sketch of me! I like the armor and the details he put into it.
Eric: Ok, this one had really nice sharp lines. It was an interesting version of the armor.
AA: The detail in this piece shows great dedication and flames above TM's head are incredibly well drawn.

Third Place: 500 DC's
Forum Name: Heartdragon

Melissa: I like the symbolism of the bandages, the horizon is pretty good, too.
TM: I like how it's kind of an intimidating pose, since it's point of view is from the ground.
Eric: OK I really like the way thorn was done here. It's absolutely beautiful. I like the inclusion of the bandages drifting off his arm as a symbol of his healing though.
AA: Impressively drawn piece that has great shading and an excellent use of colour.

Honorable Mentions: 100 DC's

The ErosionSeeker

Thank you all for entering!