Thursday, August 18, 2011

Time for Hope!

The situation is grim. The Super Ultra Mega Darkness Dracolich is planet sized, with the sun in it's belly. Darkness has overlain all of Lore and, as more time passes, it will begin to surpass the other elements throwing everything more and more out of balance.

There is still time for hope though! All of Lore's most powerful forces are gathered in the one beacon of Light left in Lore, Falconreach. Surely, someone in Falconreach is crazy enough to have a plan to fight the Mysterious Behemoth orbiting in the sky?

The Super Ultra Mega Dracolich must be stopped, even if you have to bend time and space to do it! If you're brave enough to try, these weapons could be yours....

Just keep in mind, though, with every crazy plan comes it's detractors.... However far you feel you have to go to defeat the Mysterious Stranger, there are some who might think it too far....

Spoiler Pic!

Tags: #Story