Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The War and The Lady

Havoc rages all over Lore. Falconreach is under siege. The Tower has fallen. The Priestess is gone.

One thing is certain though. We must Battle On! It has been said that it's always darkest before the dawn and that will never be more true in DragonFable then this summer. If we fight together though, Good can triumph! Do not lose hope!

This Friday we will revisit Dragesvard... is... is the glacier melting?!

The Lady

A new traveller has come to Falconreach! The Lady has arrived in town, late at night, to sell her wares. Right now, she only sells a single staff but make sure to visit the official DragonFable forums and enter the contest to have your ideas added to her shop!

The Lady's hairstyle has also been added to Patch's barbershop for all female characters!

Tags: #geopetal #War