Friday, April 17, 2015

The Third Floor

The Third Floor of Espina Rosa is a floor shrouded in mystery. Only ever do Sofist and the Elite Patrol go there and any word of what is there or why they might be down there stays there. A few things can be inferred to be sure: the floor reputedly holds the worst of the Runed Fortress’ inmates and the Patrol must be bringing food to the prisoners in some fashion. Terrible criminals or not… they must all need to eat once in a while… Should they not? But why would they need an entire patrol consisting of the very best of Espina Rosa in order to do a simple round?

This week, you might have some answers. You were challenged to find some of the remaining clues and references hidden in the Espina Rosa quests and you smashed the challenge, or almost, before the thread had even embarked upon its second page. Kamillia is indeed a clue towards part of Sofist’s story and the Head Chef of Espina Rosa is partly a reference to the French Novelist by the same name – although the reference extends to a physical element within the quests that was not picked up on – and as promised, you shall get a clue towards the puzzle in this week’s quest.

You should know that the Third Level is rather different from the other floors. For one, it is on an entirely different scale, far vaster, long and twisting corridors of true extent largely unknown. It is also very much a maze: the same paths that twist, turn, turn again, back onto themselves, split or rejoin, all in a unlit or mislit twilight that makes them each corner look all the more similar to the last one. The paths are so befuddling that even retracing your steps may lead you to an entirely different place that you set out from… as if the paths themselves shifted of their very own will.

You may very well have to work together to solve this one. Penning your own maps and finds together may help as well.

You may yet learn more about the strangeness that permeates all things on the Third Floor, however that will be for later. If you start to hear voices in your head, do not listen to them as that would be a sure way to tell that you are falling into madness as others, in the depths, have before.

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