Tuesday, March 26, 2013

The Sands of Time

The desert seems endless, especially with the unforgiving light of the sun beating down, sapping any and all moisture from your body. As the harsh winds blow across the dunes the sand is thrown into the air and it scours... breaking down once grand buildings into ruins. Hiding them. Entire towns, oases, groups of beings... lost in time, buried in sand.

Even in the face of this harsh environment, life continues on. Beaten down by sun, by sand, sacrificed for generations by the light magic of their ruler, the Sandsea preserveres. It fights back... with new allies.

But, as they start to shift the sands in search of SekDuat, what else might they uncover?

Click at your own risk! Spooooooiler!

This weekend will see the return of the Grenwog seasonal shops! Dracelix has created some egg-cellent weapons for this year as well!


The centerpiece of each weapon will display a very special egg, too....

Tags: #geopetal