Monday, January 28, 2013

The Rosewood

The Rose has been gaining strength all over Lore for years. While there are still a few places where magic is accepted... after the countless wars, dragon attacks, undead invasions, and more... most of the human citizens have accepted The Rose, with some even welcoming the chance to gain an advantage over magical beings.

Not everyone trusts the Rose, though. Even some within their own ranks. This week, Cinquefoil, will send you into the depths of the huge stronghold being built in the north of Surewood, the Rosewood. What books will you find? What confiscated weapons do the Rose keep locked up in their armory?

Cin knows who you are... but just who, exactly, is he?

Ateala Armors
The quests to unlock the Ateala armors finally came out last Friday! Since you've been waiting so long for these, we wanted to get them out to you as soon as the quests were done! There are still some questions about how they should level up, though, that Tomix and I are discussing. 

Right now, the skills for the armors are unlocked when you get the armor. The original intent is that the armors wouldn't be available until 40, then unlock skills every level until sometime in the 50s (depending on how many skills unlock and at which levels). Which could be painful, if you really want to use those armors at 40. Another option is to use the Paraginium you get from the Ateala random quests. We could also have you redo the armor quests to gain skills.

The armor unlocking will (most likely) eventually be moved to Book 3 Atrea (which is currently under siege) as well. (We won't get there for a bit though....)

Hero's Heart Day
Wow, it's almost February! Which means everyone's favorite holiday is coming up (seriously, I know you guys loooove this one)! 

We've been feverishly planning what we'll do this year. A tea party with Sally? Dating Game with Zorbak? Having you painstakingly make love-o-grams and deliver them to all your favorite heroes across Lore? Explore the murky and dangerous dungeons of the Friend Zone with Ash?

Oooooor, we'll make this year's HHD event based on the real life shenanigans of Artix planning Rolith's bachelor party. 

I dunno, it's a hard choice.....