Friday, February 8, 2013

The Rose Fort!

We have allll sorts of goodies for you this week! 

If you visit Cinquefoil in Book 3 Surewood, you can get the next quest into the Rosewood. You'll have to find Magus Hansa and talk with her, then fight your way back out of the Fort! There's also new shops to find filled with gorgeous, Rose-approved, weaponry created by Cronix!

If you're curious how magic works on Lore, make sure to find "The Nature of Magic" in the library!

Hero's Heart Day Storybook
The HHD book is now in the Book of Lore! If you're not caught up, make sure to make your way through all of the past shenanigans with Big Daddy! Next week, we'll be checking out the story of Rolith's Bachelor Party! 

Dracelix has created a whole slew of fantastic feathered finery for Carnaval this weekend! Check out the shop in the Book of Lore!

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