Friday, September 19, 2014

The Quest for More Booty

Yar, me hearties! It be Talk Like A Pirate Day! A day wherebe ev'ry pirate worth his salt celebrates a year of good winds, calm seas, 'n bountiful booty wit' a fresh smoothie wit' th' crew! Trouble be a a'brewin' in Osprey Cove tho'! Mazurek's Autumn Wind 'n Rhubarb's Red Betty both be in th' port... 'n th' Cap's's and th' crews be gettin' ready to brawl!

Fer this week, there be a Pirate Challenge t' complete! Choose yer side 'n help collect booty fer the Cap'n o' yer choosin'! Th' Cap'n wit' th' biggest pile o' booty by next week will be rewardin' ye a treasure fer yer help!

Lots o' new treasures be available fer DC, if yer wantin' gear now! Thar also be rumors o' a wicked edge that might be found wit' pirate booty!

DragonFable Pirate Challenge Rhubarb vs Mazurek

Now, here be a word from Ash!

This week we have a fancy new Trinket for you! Tomix animated the attack and Verly and I worked on it to give it a neat effect.

Every time you use the trinket you have a 20% chance to gain half your level's worth of gold for that battle! So if you're a level 50 character, and you see the popup, you'd get 25 gold added right onto your earned gold for that quest! You can have it happen multiple times during the same quest too!

There's also a SECOND benefit to owning it. During this challenge to help either Rhubarb or Mazurek collect the most booty, as long as you have the trinket in your bag you'll contribute an ADDITIONAL count of booty to your chosen side. That's 2 for 1 run!

Get out there and help your favorite Captain win!