Friday, May 25, 2012

The Professor!

You've traveled north to find The Professor, but you may have lead Wargoth's minions right to his hideout as well! Log in now to stop Wargoth's imp from getting away!

Robin and Roblos!
This super duo has set up shop in Serenity's Inn and are offering upgrades to a few select items! The rare weapons of Falconreach, the Mighty 100k Scythe, the ChaosMoon set and the IceScythe can all be upgraded to higher levels now. Just find the appropriate resource in Robin's Shop and then you can upgrade the items in Roblos' Shop! They'll be offering more items for upgrades in the future, in fact, there's a rumor they might have found a dark, dank dungeon that holds a very dark resource....

From the Kensai’s Cave:

Well, it’s been an interesting week. I have taken the quest apart and rebuilt it a number of times trying to get things right. It seems however, that time got away from me, and I was unable to do a few of the things that will be needed for this quest to be able to be released. On Monday the issues that have to be addressed will be looked at. So this quest will be delayed for at least the weekend. Fear not,however, because Geo and Ghost have been hard at work on tonight’s main attraction.

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