Friday, November 18, 2011


Last weeks quest to Swordhaven only scratched at the surface of what the capital has to offer... we only saw the very outskirts and everyone was busy checking out those ancient scrolls (or trying to steal the ones you were delivering since they didn't pre-order).

This week the beginning of the town proper is now open for exploration! Ghost has worked hard on getting the majesty of Swordhaven across and you'll be able to wander through the Market and Plaza sections this week. The Residential and Nobles (a.k.a. Fancypants) sections will come in next few weeks as well as weapon, pet and house shops!

Those of you with an itch to explore can find their way into Swordhaven's massive sewer system. Locked doors, hidden chests and stockpiled goodies await those who are willing to venture into their depths. Can you brave all the creepy crawlies that live down there though?

Tags: #geopetal