Friday, March 1, 2013

Swamp Expedition

There are three new random quests for you to fight through this week, as well as a brand new monster from Cronix lurking in Betrubung Swamp! While the swamp itself is huge, you'll only be scratching the surface of it this week as you distract the Rose from their search for Sielu's friends. You'll also start collecting Rose Emblems... which I'm sure will be useful when you find others who fight against the Rose!

You can find the Betrubung Expedition through Seilu. The new ice and fire dungeons are through the portal on the path to the Book 3 Guardian Tower! The Frozen North and the Lava Tube resources will merge into new weapons from Sielu. There is also a new fiery helm available from him!

Tomix is now in southern Falconreach! He lurks by the portal to Ravenloss at night and has lots of new info about what might be going on down below.... He will also now provide the preview of Master SoulWeaver to DragonLords!

Suggestion Weapon
A new suggestion weapon, the Esoterica, by Lupus The Wolf, has been added to the chest in the Rosewood as well!