Friday, July 2, 2010

Summertime, and the battling's easy!

Cysero's magic is popping and the Ice golems are tall!
No, really, Cysero's magic pops. And snaps. And crackles. It's not like your everyday, run-of-the-mill magic! And he wants YOU to help him with his latest spell! Lim's not so sure that's a good idea, but hey, SCIENCE is all about experimentation, and you'll need to experiment with magic if you're ever going to choose between the two, right?

Ice golems have two ice elbows apiece. Gather them up, they're great for spells!

So head to Dragesvard and gather up ice golem parts for Cysero's spell. After all, you can't make mayonnaise cubes without ice!* As for what he wants mayonnaise cubes for... you'll have to play the quest to see. I can guarantee you won't expect what he turns them into! Mayonnaise cube weapons (ice element, of course!) will drop from Cysero's Clashening quest!

Liberty Days and Liberty Rares shops are open!
We might be celebrating freedom, but these gifts aren't free. The new gifts ARE heavily discounted, though, to help you help us celebrate this scorching Summer holiday!

Happy Canada Day! Happy Fourth of July!

The Liberty Rares shop in Falconreach will have the Fourth of July weapons from 2008, the Freedom, Liberty, and Independence weapons. It will also have the Fireworks trinket from last year, as well! You'll be able to celebrate freedom EVERY day with fireworks shooting over your head wherever you go!

The Liberty Days shop in Falconreach will have the Liberty Candle sword, daggers, and wand (see the sword in the graphic above!) as well as the Scythe of Liberty and both the Maple of Independence and Eagle of Freedom helms! The level 60 Liberty Candle series has a red flame to distinguish it from lower levels. Get red-y to wield the white weapon and blue your opponents away!

Have a safe, colorful, and happy holiday weekend!
As you celebrate this weekend, remember to stay safe and have fun! Enjoy the fireworks and cookouts with family and friends! I'm headed back home** to the wide open midwest to celebrate with family. See you guys next week!

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* That's what Cysero says, at least. And he should know! Who ELSE would want to make cubes from sloppy, gloppy mayonnaise?!
** It's a good thing planes fly higher than fireworks!

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